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Card game

Card game
What was it used for? Entertainment
Where is it from? Used in Clapham
When was it made? 1858
How was it made? Printed
What was it made from? Card
Size: L 95mm W 64mm
Museum number: LG.590

This Victorian card game called 'St George', was probably aimed at children. We are not exactly sure how it was played but it seems to have been based on a points system. Cards depicting noble ladies and saintly knights receive points from a pool, while those depicting fools or monsters have to pay into the pool.

The game may have been intended to teach children about the moral values that were important to Victorian society. The good and chivalrous characters will gain you points but the lowly and despicable ones will cost you! It was probably played in the home, perhaps as a family game.

The saints are shown as late medieval knights, and the ladies also wear costumes of that period. However we think these saints lived long before this, under the Roman Empire. Perhaps the high moral values of the saintly figures mattered more to Victorian parents than historical accuracy.