Local Plan

List of representor statements - hearing 12 and 13 February 2019

This page contains the responses to the Inspector's resumed hearing matters for the Local Plan hearing sessions held on 12 and 13 February 2019.

You can read the Inspector's resumed hearing matters, and the Council's response, on the Local Plan Examination web page.

Responses to the Inspector's resumed hearing matters

pdf icon REP-11189889-002 Statement for Resumed Hearings - WBP obo Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd - 24 Jan 2019 [632kb]

pdf icon REP-11268769-002 Hearing Statement January 2019 CBRE for Land at Bridge End Farm FINAL [123kb]

pdf icon REP-11847233-002 GBC Local Plan Resumed Hearings -WPIL Examination Statement - Final with... [4Mb]

pdf icon REP-12062017-002 Guildford Matters and Issues ID12 Hearing Statement (Dandara Ltd) [293kb]

pdf icon REP-15267521-002 190122-Statement (resumed hearings)(final) [110kb]

pdf icon REP-15280737-002 Carter Jonas obo Miller - Guildford Local Plan EiP Additional Matters [475kb]

pdf icon REP-15658145-001 Waverley BC Response to the Matters and Issues for the resumed hearings - Jan 2019 [220kb]

pdf icon REP-15666113-001 BDW 23.1.19 ltr Mr J Bore re GBC Local Plan resumed hearings 12 and 13 Feb 2019 [411kb]

pdf icon REP-15666113-001-A1 BDW Savills policy-response---housing-need---september-2018 [901kb]

pdf icon REP-15805601-002 [510kb]

pdf icon REP-15805921-002 CBRE obo Ashill - January 2019 Hearing Statement [127kb]

pdf icon REP-15806849-002 190123 Ptarmigan Land_Hearing Statement_FINAL [275kb]

pdf icon REP-16206593-002 Turley obo Bloor Homes Guildford Local Plan Examination [285kb]

pdf icon REP-17406209-002 PRP obo Guildford Vision Group [212kb]

pdf icon REP-17426113-002 HBF Statement for Further Hearings - Guildford Final [298kb]

pdf icon REP-17457825-002 WAG and OPC Statement for Resumed Hearings 12 and 13 Feb 2019 [144kb]

pdf icon REP-17457825-003 WAG NMSS notes on GL Hearn OAN update-1 [206kb]

pdf icon REP-17463841-002 16377 Housing need (Respondent no. 17463841 - Lichfields OBO CEG, Earl of Onslow & Clandon Estate) - 23.01.2019 [347kb]

pdf icon REP-1746723-002 let.013.AP.AP Guildford College Group Response to Inspectors Schedule of Matters Issues and Questions ID12-23-1-19 [94kb]

pdf icon REP-1798957-005 DN.GHF.Reconvened EiP.21.01.19 v4 FINAL [1Mb]

pdf icon REP-1798957-005-A1 DN,GHF Appendix 1 GHF Assumptions January 2019[1] [478kb]

pdf icon REP-1798957-005-A2 DN.GHF Appendix 2 - FORUM Trajectories Jan 2019 [580kb]

pdf icon REP-1798957-005-A3 DN.GHF Appendix 3 - 5yr HLS Jan 2019 [49kb]

pdf icon REP-1798957-005-A4 DN.GHF Appendix 4 - Woking BC Council Report Oct 2018 [701kb]

pdf icon REP-8556385-002 GRA response Matters Resumed EiP Guildford Feb 2019 fvam2 [853kb]

pdf icon REP-8581505-002 Burpham Neighbourhood Forum [322kb]

pdf icon REP-8593185-002 Statement by Niels Laub January 2019 V3 [413kb]

pdf icon REP-859993-002 Development Planning Consultants main mods feb 2019 hearing [76kb]

pdf icon REP-8607169-002 CPRE Response to ID-12 [162kb]

pdf icon REP-8749121-002 Letter to GBC re objection to local plan 231018 excl items not related to housing figs [479kb]

pdf icon REP-882057-002 Merrow RA Response 21st January 2019 [317kb]

pdf icon REP-8908513-001 BCA Response to Inspector's Questions [176kb]

pdf icon REP-8944737-002 21633 A5 P12a 19 01 24 Guildford Local Plan Examination - Resumed Hearings Statement [637kb]

pdf icon REP-9327329-002 GBLP Examination - JAA for A2 - Representor No 9327329 - resumed hearings statement - 24 Jan 2019 [326kb]

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