Local Plan Examination

Submission Local Plan (Reg 22)

The Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017) sets out the vision for the borough and our approach to development between 2015 and 2034. When adopted, the plan will play an important role in shaping Guildford's future - how our towns and villages develop, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, developing our local economy, improving leisure and visitor facilities, and supporting more sustainable forms of travel. 

The Guildford borough Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017) was submitted to the Secretary of State for Local Government on 13 December 2017 for independent examination.


The plan is now being independently examined by a planning inspector. The planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State is Mr Jonathan Bore BA MRTPI DipUD.

A set of public hearings were held from 5 June 2018 to 5 July 2018. Following the conclusion of the public hearing sessions, the Council is drafting a set of main modifications to the Local Plan submitted in December 2017. The proposed main modifications will be available when published for public consultation, which will last for six weeks and will most likely start in September 2018.

Programme Officer: Mr Chris Banks

A Programme Officer, Mr Chris Banks, of Banks Solutions, has been appointed to manage the administration of the examination on behalf of the appointed Inspector and acts as the liaison between the Inspector and representatives of the Council. The Programme Officer has no involvement with the preparation of the plan and reports directly to the Inspector. Any correspondence or queries relating to the examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer:

Address: C/O Banks Solutions, 64 Lavinia Way, East Preston, West Sussex, BN16 1EF

Email: bankssolutionsuk@gmail.com

Tel: 01903 783722

Assistant Programme Officer
Mrs Claire Jones-Hughes - Banks Solutions
Tel: 01273 381518   
Mob: 07737 786425
Email: bankssolutionsuk@gmail.com

Examination documents

DateStageKey Documents

5 June 2018

Public Hearings

pdf icon ID-004 V7 Hearings Agenda with Matters added and Attendees [195kb]

pdf icon ID-005 Inspector's guidance note for Agenda items 4 and 5 [56kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-004-Impact of 2016-based SNPP for Guildford [325kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-005-Woking OAN Note [485kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-006-Impact of revised Guildford OAN on five year supply [250kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-007 Oxford Economics Baseline Forecasts [395kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-008 Cambridge Econometrics Economic Projections [225kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-009 Experian Data Guide [806kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-010 GBC summary response to issues arising in relation to OAN, in particular the extent of affordability uplift [887kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-011 GBC Response to tables produced by Guildford Housing Forum and Barton Willmore [346kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-012 GBC position statement re housing trajectory and 5yhls and draft worked examples of housing trajectory at 594, 654 & 700 dpa [511kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-013 GBC provisional note on Wisley Airfield and Position Statement HE and WPIL [657kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-014 Note by Guildford Borough Council regarding students & the A3 [515kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-015 Revised Employment Table Topic Paper [251kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-016 Scenarios which model 5 year housing land supply [241kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-018 Note on OAN - Woking's need and housing in early years [455kb]

pdf icon ID-006 Inspector's note on OAN and early delivery 22 June [58kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-019 Note on town centre policy - delivery of development and regeneration [305kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-020 GBC response to Item 5 Ways Forward and Item 14 Boosting housing supply and early years provision [496kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-020a - GBC Response to Items 5 and 14 Addendum [5Mb]

pdf icon ID-007 Points raised during the Spatial Strategy session for response by the Council [81kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-021a Guildford LP HRA June 2018 (with tracked changes showing amendments since submission version) [1Mb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-021b GBC Note on HRA [666kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-022 Draft major modification - additional text for Policy ID2 [115kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-023 Guildford Borough Council response to points raised during Item 9 Spatial Strategy [317kb]

pdf icon ID-008 Inspector's note on suggested modifications in GBC-LPSS-002 [67kb]

pdf icon ID-009 Inspector's questions on 2 further matters 6 July [43kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-024 Guildford air quality note following EiP [467kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-025 Response to written questions Heath Drive and Thatchers Hotel [272kb]

23 April - 17 May 2018

Matters and Issues for Examination

pdf icon ID-003 Matters and Issues for Examination (part 1) [115kb]

pdf icon ID-002 Inspector's Guidance Note 20 April 2018 [225kb]

pdf icon PO-001 Programme Officer Note: Inspector Matters and Issues and Guidelines [53kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-003a - Guildford Borough Council Response to Matters, Issues and Questions - Questions 1 - 11 (184 Pages) [3Mb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-003b - Guildford Borough Council Response to Matters, Issues and Questions - Question 11 Appendices (86 Pages) [19Mb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-003c – Erratum notice Guildford Borough Council Response to Matters, Issues and Questions – Question 4 [364kb]

23 March - 16 May 2018The Inspector's Initial Questions

ID-001 - Initial questions for the Council: ID-001 Inspector's Questions to Guildford Borough Council 23 March 2018

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-001- Guildford Borough Council Response to Initial Questions 1 - 8 [1Mb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-001a- Erratum notice: Guildford Borough Council Response to Initial Questions 1-8 [178kb]

pdf icon GBC-LPSS-002 - Guildford Borough Council Response to Initial Questions 9 - 37 (90 Pages) [1Mb]

The comprehensive lists of Examination documents produced by the Planning Inspector and Guildford Borough Council are listed below.

The Local Plan examination 2018 representor statements can be found on this web page:

Main modifications to the Proposed Submission Local Plan (2017)

The main modifications that are made to the plan as a result of the examination process will be subject to public consultation, the dates of which will be announced in due course. The consultation will be limited to the proposed main modifications only. Any representations received during the consultation will be provided to the Inspector who will consider whether to recommend that these modifications should be made in order to make the plan sound.

Matters and Issues for Examination

Please read the Inspector's Matter and Issues alongside the accompanying Inspector's Guidance Note, which sets out details of the organisation of the Examination and the hearings, and the Programme Officer's Note.

The questions raised in the Matters and Issues relate to the Plan's soundness. These have been addressed by the Council and other relevant parties in their hearing statements. They do not address every aspect of the plan; only those issues that the Inspector needs to know more about at this stage.

Where the Inspector considered that any matter had been satisfactorily addressed in the written statements it was not included in the agenda for the hearings.

The hearings are now complete.

Initial questions for the Council

The Inspector's initial questions are divided into two parts. The first section deals with key questions. 

The second section is a set of questions and comments, many of which will require us to produce main modifications to the plan's policies and text.

These questions were answered in two parts. See documents GBC-LPSS-001 (and errata) and GBC-LPSS-002 in the table above. 

Documents submitted

The submission documentation includes the Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017); a Schedule of Proposed Minor Modifications, a Consultation Statement (containing the main issues raised during the 2016 and 2017 Regulation 19 consultations, and the two earlier Regulation 18 consultations on the plan, and our responses to those representations).

The Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017) and Consultation Statement are available to download from the links below:

pdf icon Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017): Policies and site allocations [17Mb]

pdf icon Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017) Appendix H: Maps A-G [6Mb]

pdf icon Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017) Appendix H: Maps H-P [8Mb]

pdf icon Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017) Appendix H: Maps R-W [4Mb]

pdf icon Consultation Statement (Regulation 22) (2017) [13Mb]

A list of all of the submission core and supporting evidence documents is available below. All documents in this list are available to download from web links.

pdf icon Submission core and supporting documents [701kb]

Hard copies of any of the documents in this list are available for inspection at the Council offices in Millmead during our normal opening hours. Copies of the Local Plan and Policies Maps, Schedule of Minor Modifications, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment and Consultation Statement will also be available for inspection at the Council offices or at any of the Borough's libraries during their normal opening hours.

Minor Modifications to the Proposed Submission Local Plan (2017)

We have prepared a schedule containing proposed minor modifications to the Submission Local Plan (2017). These are recommendations to the inspector of a minor nature that, whilst not going to the heart of the plan's soundness, will improve the clarity and usability of the Submission Local Plan. We submitted this schedule to the independent Planning Inspector, alongside the Submission Local Plan and other documents. We have also submitted a track-changed version of the Submission Local Plan which includes the proposed minor modifications. You can view the documents below.

pdf icon Minor modifications to and Errata for the Submission Local Plan 2017 [484kb]

pdf icon Track changed version of the Submission Local Plan 2017 - Document and Appendices A - G [19Mb]

pdf icon Track changed version of the Submission Local Plan 2017 - Appendix H - Maps [22Mb]

Committee decisions

At its meeting on 20 November 2017, the Council's Executive committee resolved to seek the agreement of Full Council for approval to submit the Submission Local Plan (2017) and accompanying documents to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

Full Council then considered these items on 21 November 2017 and approved the decision to submit the plan. The report and minutes for the Full Council meeting are available to download and view from the Agenda and minutes web page.


We consulted on the Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2016) between 6 June and 18 July 2016. In accordance with Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

To take account of further work and the responses received during this consultation we proposed changes to the plan and updated part of the evidence base that informed its preparation. The Proposed Submission Local Plan: Strategy and sites (2017) included these proposed changes. A further Regulation 19 consultation on these proposed changes was held between 9 June and 24 July 2017.

To see these, and earlier versions of the Local Plan please visit the Previous Consultations web page.


Representations from both the 2016 and 2017 consultations on the Regulation 19 Submission Local Plan are available to download from our Planning Policy Consultations web pages.

Purchasing a hard copy of the Submission Local Plan

A hard copy of the Submission Local Plan (2017) (including maps) can be purchased from Guildford Borough Council for a cost of £42.50 plus postage costs (£5.50 for first class, £3.00 for second class. Additional postage costs may apply if ordering more than one copy). Please call 01483 444471 or email planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk to request a copy.

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