Land Availability Assessment (LAA)

The LAA:

  • identifies land with potential for development for housing and employment uses

  • assesses the land's potential capacity

  • assesses when a site is likely to be developed

This LAA replaces the Land Availability Assessment (2016) and the 2017 LAA Addendum. It includes new sites and updates the capacity and phasing of a number of the sites within the previous LAA. It also removes sites that are no longer available for future development, for example if they now have planning permission. The LAA (2017) also provides an updated Housing Trajectory as at 1 October 2017. An addendum, also available below, has been prepared to support the Main Modifications which have been made to the Submission Local Plan. It includes new and deleted sites, and provides an update on the capacity of sites. It also includes an updated housing trajectory as at 1 April 2018 and demonstrates the rolling five year housing land supply position as a result of the new Local Plan.

You can view the documents here:

pdf icon LAA 2017 Document and Appendix A (Reduced Size) [1Mb]

pdf icon LAA 2017 Appendix B (Reduced Size) [40Mb]

pdf icon LAA 2017 Appendices C - F (Reduced Size) [34Mb]

pdf icon Land Availability Assessment (LAA) October 2017 Addendum (2018) [3Mb]

You are also able to view a hard copy of the LAA at our main reception.

To obtain a hard copy (fees apply), please contact us by calling: 01483 444471, or emailing:

If you wish to submit a new site for consideration for inclusion in a future update of the Land Availability Assessment (LAA), then please complete the site suggestion form at the link below and send it to us using the contact details on the form. We will also require a map of the proposed site boundary. Please ensure that you submit your completed form to us by 1 October 2018. Where appropriate, sites submitted to us by this date will also be considered for inclusion in the next update of the Brownfield Land Register.

word icon LAA and Brownfield Land Register Site suggestion form [22kb]

Sites should be a minimum size of 0.25ha or be able to accommodate five or more homes suitably to be considered for inclusion in the LAA or Brownfield Land Register. Sites in the LAA may alternatively accommodate a minimum of 500 sq. m of non-residential floor space instead of, or as well as, the minimum five or more homes. For more information on the role of the LAA, please see the LAA 2017 document at the link above.

If you would like to discuss any of the current sites in the LAA or Brownfield Land Register, or discuss potential new sites, please contact Planning Policy on 01483 444471.

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