Existing Local Plan

Please note: the Council has adopted a new Local Plan that replaces some policies of the Local Plan 2003. You can find information about the new Local Plan on the Local Plan: strategy and sites (2015 - 2034) page. The 2003 policies that are superseded are listed in Appendix 8 of the new plan. This web page will be updated in due course.

The Guildford Borough Local Plan was adopted in 2003 and can be downloaded from the link below or viewed in the map at the bottom of this page.

Visit our main reception at Millmead House to view a hard copy of the Local Plan and Proposal Maps.

National Planning Policy Framework

The Local Plan policies should be read in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), published in March 2012.

The NPPF replaces planning policy statement (PPSs) and planning policy guidance notes (PPGs). It sets out national planning policy to be taken into account by councils when preparing new local plans and when taking decisions on planning applications.

Saved policies

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government gave a direction in 2007 that the Local Plan policies are saved and remain in effect, with the exception of those listed below. These policies no longer apply; see instead the NPPF.

  • Policy H1 housing provision
  • Policy H10 new residential development
  • Policy S1 major new retail development
  • Proposal GT4 Seeboard site, Woodbridge Road
  • Policy RE7 protection of the best and most versatile agricultural land
  • Policy HE11 scheduled ancient monuments and other sites and monuments of national importance
  • Proposal U1 University of Surrey.

This is the Direction letter pdf icon Guildford Local Plan Direction Letter [81kb]

Other updates to the Local Plan 2003

Some of the Local Plan policies have been updated by information provided in adopted Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD). For example, the affordable housing and planning contributions policies are clarified by the Planning Contributions SPD (2011) and parking standards were updated by the Vehicle Parking Standards SPD (2006). You can view SPDs on our planning documents and publications page.

Local Plan Inspector's report

The Local Plan Inspector's report (September 2001) can be read here pdf icon Local Plan Inspector's Report September 2001 [5Mb].

The new Local Plan

The Local Plan 2003 is going to be replaced by a new Local Plan.

The Local Development Scheme sets out the anticipated timescales. Until that time, as the Local Plan Strategy and sites progresses through submission, examination and adoption it will gather weight in planning decision-taking, in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework (Annex 1, paragraph 216).

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