Local Plan

Sustainability Appraisal

The Guildford Local Plan is required by law to promote sustainable development through the balancing of social, environmental and economic considerations to achieve the best overall outcome. This is done through assessing these documents at each stage of their preparation to consider potential social, environmental and economic impacts. This process, and the resulting report is called Sustainability Appraisal (SA).

SA incorporates Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which is also required by law. SEA assesses potential significant environmental impacts of the plan being prepared, and where needed may recommend mitigation measures.

The SA "Scoping Report" is the first stage in this process. It sets the framework against which we will assess the plan as it is prepared. This takes into account the pdf icon Comments that were made on the draft Scoping Report [328kb] between 11 December 2012 and 22 January 2013. We will update the Scoping Report when necessary to ensure it remains up to date.

This Scoping Report will help us to prepare our new Local Plan.

View the pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report July 2013 [1Mb] and the pdf icon Site assessment criteria [265kb].

The Initial SA is the second stage in the process of assessing and informing the new Local Plan throughout its preparation. View the pdf icon Initial SA [2Mb].

It should be read alongside the Local Plan Issues and Options consultation paper, which can be viewed on the Issues and Options consultation page..

An interim SA Report was prepared alongside the Draft Local Plan strategy and sites 2014. View the pdf icon Interim SA [2Mb] and a pdf icon Non-technical summary of the interim SA [552kb].

The Proposed Submission Local Plan (2016) was accompanied by the pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal of the Guildford borough Local Plan (2016) [7Mb] and pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal (2016) non-technical summary [427kb].

2017 Sustainability Appraisal

The Sustainability Appraisal has been updated to support the Proposed Submission Local Plan (2017). View the pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the Guildford Borough Local Plan [2Mb] and the pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal non-technical summary [476kb].

Sustainability Appraisal Addendum 2018

An addendum has been prepared to support the main modifications which have been made to the Submission Local Plan. View the pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report Addendum 2018 [2Mb] and pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report Addendum Non-technical Summary. [1Mb]



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