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faq icon 24525 Right to Buy income reviewed by new working group

Improvements to the monitoring and reporting procedures for our Right To Buy income and Housing Revenue Account (HRA) programme will be drafted by our new Right To Buy Review Executive Working Group. Read more >

faq icon 24523 Supporting Surrey's new Gypsy and Traveller transit site

We are reducing the impact of unauthorised Traveller encampments on local communities by supporting and helping to fund the creation of a Gypsy and Traveller transit site in Surrey. Read more >

faq icon 24522 Update On Guildford Spectrum

Lead Councillor for the Environment, Cllr James Steel provides an update on Spectrum Leisure Centre: Read more >

faq icon 24520 The 2021 Census is Coming - make sure you take part

The census is coming. By taking part, you can help inform decisions on services that shape your community, such as healthcare, education and transport. It's easy to do your bit, you'll be sent a letter with an access code, then visit the secure website and enter your access code to get started. If you can, offer help to family and friends who need support to fill in the form. Read more >

faq icon 24519 Five support grants available for local businesses

New support grants are available for local businesses affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic - even those already receiving business rates relief. Read more >

faq icon 24518 Guildford and Waverley Borough Councils to explore options for closer working

Executive Committees at both Guildford and Waverley have endorsed working more closely together and have agreed to explore potential options for the councils to share resources, which could potentially lead to combining services and administrative functions. Read more >

faq icon 24517 Our Progress In Tackling Climate Change

Electric vehicles, solar energy, a 21% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions and greater collaboration across Surrey are all part of a comprehensive report on our progress in tackling climate change which was discussed at a meeting of the Full Council last Wednesday, 10 February. Read more >

faq icon 24516 Former Mayor and Councillor Jenny Jordan

It is with great sadness that we can confirm the death of former Mayor Jenny Jordan earlier this week (Tuesday 9 February). Read more >

faq icon 24514 Budget agreed with challenges ahead

The Council agreed the budget for 2021-22 and other financial plans at last night's meeting (10 February). Read more >

faq icon 24513 Guildford residents can bid for Surrey's £100 million Fund

We're encouraging our borough's community groups and voluntary organisations to 'Think Big' in 2021 and bid for funding for new exciting and ground-breaking projects from Surrey County Council's 'Your Fund' scheme. Read more >

faq icon 24512 Planting project at Stoughton Recreation Ground completed

Trees, shrubs and bulbs have been planted at the Stoughton Recreation Ground for everyone visiting in the future to enjoy. It was part of a planting project which started in 2019 as part of Surrey's Greener Future Design Challenge. Read more >

faq icon 24510 More Money for Borough Businesses

​​​​​​​Businesses in Guildford who have been unable to claim other grants could be eligible for money thanks to a new grant we are launching today. Read more >

faq icon 24508 Walnut Bridge work moves to next phase

Our work to provide a new wider, safer bridge across the River Wey from Walnut Tree Close to Bedford Plaza takes a step forward this week. Read more >

faq icon 24507 Free Online Business Course for Guildford Residents

Brilliant business ideas can be brought to life with our free online course next month. Read more >

faq icon 24506 Proposals Submitted For Weyside Urban Village

Our exciting proposals for a new riverside community of 1,500 homes on brownfield land at Slyfield have continued with the submission of a planning application. Read more >

faq icon 24505 Open Letter To The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Dear Mr Jenrick

Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020

Since October last year when the Chairman of the Local Government Association Cllr James Jamieson wrote to you regarding the above Regulations we have witnessed two important developments. Firstly, a vaccine that we passionately hope will see us out of the pandemic and into a safer future. The Government has set out the rollout of this vaccine that will take time, probably many months and we are all aware of the patience we must exercise whilst this happens and continue to provide a safe environment for our councillors, staff and the public. Secondly, we have seen the appearance of new and more contagious variants of the virus. This was not foreseen and, whilst we hope that such developments will not recur as we continue with our managed and stringent approach, further such outbreaks may not be discounted.

From our lockdown position at the end of January we reiterate the request of the Chairman to extend the ability for councils to hold meetings flexibly beyond 7 May 2021 while we continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.  We cannot be certain how the pandemic will evolve over the next few months or year, but it remains essential for our councillors to have the ability to hold committee, Executive, and council meetings and make decisions without the need for all those attending the meeting to be physically present.

Time is passing and with only effectively three months until the Regulations expire, we as a council implore you to enact such legislation to allow us to continue to provide a safe environment for our local democracy to function. Further, we would ask you to consider seriously and favourably the introduction of legislation that gives local authorities maximum flexibility to hold meetings totally, or partly, remotely in the future.

Councils around the country, including our own, have responded during the course of the past ten months to put in place equipment and training for both councillors and officers to continue to operate and succeed in delivering business as usual for our meetings. No mean feat. Everywhere, and especially in Guildford, we have seen a boost in attendance at our virtual meetings as our councillors have not had to travel across the Borough with all of the associated obstacles of transportation and care provision.

Below are personal messages to you from two of our Chairman running key meetings virtually:

'As Chairman of the Planning Committee, at Guildford Borough Council, I would like to fully support the ability to continue to hold Planning Committee meetings virtually.  Since May 2020, we have successfully held eleven Planning Committee meetings online.  Public participation in planning committee meetings is a very important part of the process, and we recognise that they are always some of the best-attended meetings in the council diary.  This reflects the fact that planning, development and housing are key priorities for the council. We have ensured that residents are able to attend virtual meetings and, where applicable, be involved in our planning decisions.  Virtual meetings also enable the Council to hold Special Meetings of the Planning Committee, to consider large applications, which frequently involves considerable public interest, in a safe manner, which does not compromise the health of its residents, councillors or staff.  Virtual meetings have afforded almost 100% attendance by councillors at the Planning Committee meetings to date, as it enables flexibility by preventing the need to have to travel for protracted periods.  This same flexibility is also afforded to staff and residents, which can only be seen as a positive for the democratic process as a whole.  I therefore implore the government to consider passing legislation to enable the continuation of virtual meetings indefinitely.'' (Cllr Fiona White (Westborough), Chairman of the Planning Committee)

"For effective scrutiny at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in Guildford, the introduction of virtual meetings, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has proven to be successful and effective.  The new flexible way of working has enabled scrutineering work at the Council to continue during testing times, with no loss of debate or ability to challenge and hold decision-makers to account and has supported improved Councillor attendance and engagement. It has also enabled continued access to the public. Indeed, even if the threat of coronavirus was over by May and a return to face to face meetings considered safe for all, I feel it would be judicious to maintain the improvements created from our flexibility to attend and participate at virtual meetings." Cllr Paul Spooner (Ash South & Tongham) Chairman of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Like so many local authorities we continue to invest in our technical capability to support our decision-making processes as we move out of lockdown and into an environment with more freedom as described by the  Minister of State for Communities and Local Government (Lord Greenhalgh) who said on 23 June 2020 that the regulations enable all local authority meetings to be held remotely and do not preclude physical meetings or a hybrid form of meeting where these can be held in accordance with public health regulations and guidance. He suggested it is for each local authority to determine what is appropriate in their specific circumstances, taking legal advice as necessary (HL/5546).

We anticipate enormous logistical difficulties in managing a return to face to face meetings after 7 May if we are required to continue maintaining social distancing, and thereby having to limit the number of councillors and members of the public attending those meetings.   This may mean that we have to seek alternative, much larger accommodation for full Council meetings, which will have additional cost implications.  Of course, many large venues are already being used as vaccination centres so this may not actually be possible.  Furthermore, if we had to use an alternative venue for a Council meeting, we would not be able to webcast the meeting.

You have already indicated publicly that you would like to see the continuation of remotely-held local authority meetings, and with the prime minister's recent announcement that he feels that it is 'too early' to judge if the current lockdown will end in the spring, we feel that it is essential that, as a matter of urgency, you provide support in terms of legislation that will enable us to operate in a safe environment as is our duty, as an employer and as a democratic authority to put the safety of our councillors, staff and residents first.

Yours sincerely
Councillor Joss Bigmore, Leader of the Council
James Whiteman, Managing Director

Surrey Leaders' Group
Angela Richardson MP
Sir Paul Beresford MP
The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP
Jonathan Lord MP
David Munro, Surrey PCC
Association of Democratic Services Officers
Local Government Association
All Parish Councils (Guildford Borough)

faq icon 24504 More Support for our Borough Businesses

Local businesses which received support grants for Lockdown 2 in November 2020 will be automatically contacted by us with details of further grants to cover January's Lockdown 3.

The grants are available to businesses which have had to close due to government restrictions or whose supply chain is affected by businesses which have had to close. However, a new application is not needed for the initial 42-day lockdown period which started on Tuesday 5 January. We are contacting everyone by email.

Those that have had to close at any point since 5 November 2020 but have not yet applied for a grant can do so on our website with one application for each business premises, using the form appropriate to the business.

Lockdown 3 grants are based on the rateable value of a business's premises, to cover an initial 42-day period from Tuesday 5 January: 
Rateable value up to £15,000 - a grant of £2,001 
Rateable value of £15,001 to £50,999 - a grant of £3,000 
Rateable value of £51,000 and over - a grant of £4,500 

A one-off payment for recipients of the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) is also available for the same period:

Rateable value up to £15,000 - a grant of £4,000 
Rateable value of £15,001 to £50,999 - a grant of £6,000 
Rateable value of £51,000 and over - a grant of £9,000 

Businesses which continued to offer takeaway, click-and-collect or delivery services despite closure are also eligible for a Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed). Businesses can apply for one grant for each of their qualifying premises. Companies which chose to close, but were not required to, will not be eligible, along with those which are in administration, insolvent or have received a striking-off notice. Businesses which have already received grant payments equal to the maximum levels of State aid allowed under the Covid-19 Temporary State Aid Framework will also not be eligible. 

Applicants will need to give references from their rate demand; an image of their bank account, showing account name, number and sort code; their company number, charity number and VAT registration number if applicable; and information on any funds received through state aid or a declaration that the level of funds received does not exceed the limits. 

A Christmas support payment of £1,000 is also available for wet-led pubs that derive less than 50% of their income from the sale of food. We have emailed all venues that we think are eligible. 

Local Restrictions Support Grant (Open) is available to cover the period 2-19 December for businesses which were not forced to close but supply the hospitality, leisure, travel, holiday, airline, cultural, arts and tourism sectors. 

A discretionary scheme is in place to help bed and breakfast businesses which pay Council Tax, and businesses which do not have a rateable value but have high business-related property costs, such as rent or service charges.  The scheme can also help businesses in shared premises where they have had to close, and businesses that supply the hospitality, leisure, travel, holiday, airline, cultural, arts and tourism sectors.

Businesses which are not the ratepayer at their premises should supply details of the ratepayer, proof of rent and service charges, and the proportion of the shared premises that they occupy. If a premises has no rateable value, businesses should also provide proof of rent and service charges. Bed and Breakfast owners need to provide their Council Tax bill. Where the business is part of the supply chain to the hospitality, leisure, travel, holiday, airline, cultural, arts and tourism sectors, an explanation of this supply chain and how the business has been affected is required.

Companies that are in administration, are insolvent or where a striking off notice has been made are not eligible for funding. 

Grant income received by a business is taxable, and will need to be included as income in the business's tax return. 

Lead Councillor for Economy, Cllr John Redpath says: 

"We understand that many local businesses are facing ongoing and new financial difficulty due to the continued impact of the global pandemic. As a Local Authority, we are here to support all of our local businesses and provide as much help as we can. We have already distributed over £23 million in government grants and provided business rate relief to businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. 

"New grants to help businesses are being introduced regularly. All new schemes are published on our website. We would recommend that businesses bookmark this page." 

Cllr Redpath continued: "We invite all businesses to get in touch as we may be able to help in other ways, including through our assistance to help businesses follow new licensing guidelines. We have also been working with the Community Foundation for Surrey's Coronavirus Response Fund, as the Mayor of Guildford's chosen charity for 2020-21, to match fund any donations to support local charities and voluntary organisations helping vulnerable, elderly and isolated members of the community. Businesses can also get information and support through the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, at www.enterprisem3growthhub.co.uk/

"Additional help may be available through the government's Kickstart Scheme and new investment in 'green' jobs. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has also this week published information on additional resources available to employers and employees, including support offered by the National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses, at www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-support-for-business-from-outside-government."

Published Wednesday 27 January

faq icon 24503 Budget agreed with challenges ahead

The Executive approved the budget for the next two years and other financial plans at last night's meeting (26 January). These decisions will go to Full Council to be ratified next month. Read more >

faq icon 24502 Redeveloped Crematorium celebrated at Guildford Society's 2020 Design Awards Ceremony

Our redeveloped Guildford Crematorium was celebrated last night (21 January) at the Guildford Society's 2020 Design Awards' virtual ceremony. Read more >

faq icon 24499 50 laptops to help students with online learning

Local students can continue their studies during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic after our charitable fund Guildford Philanthropy donated 50 laptops to Kings College, part of the Guildford Education Partnership (GEP Academies). Read more >

faq icon 24498 Budget Consultation: Results Report Published

Following a predicted shortfall of £2million next year rising to a total of £4.4million in the next four years in our medium-term budget plans, we consulted with our residents to find out where we should prioritise our spending. Read more >

faq icon 24497 Mayor's Award To Honour Coronavirus Community Action

The 2021 Mayor's Award for Service to the Community will honour local residents and groups who have helped the Borough of Guildford during this unprecedented year. Read more >

faq icon 24496 Supporting our most vulnerable residents across the borough

Aspire Voluntary Grants Scheme Read more >

faq icon 24495 Leaders Statement: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccination Programme

Cllr Joss Bigmore, Leader of the Council says: Read more >

faq icon 24494 Asking young people to share stories of life in lockdown

Young people and their parents and carers can share their experiences of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and get advice on the future at our online Community Engagement event on Thursday 14 January at 6pm. Read more >

faq icon 24492 G Live Opens For First Phase of Vaccination Programme

Our G Live entertainment venue in the town centre will be used as a GP-led local vaccination service from Tuesday 12 January as part of the government's Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination programme. Read more >

faq icon 24491 Make your home more energy efficient with a £15,000 grant

Residents can save money on their energy bills with a new 'Green Jump Surrey' grant of up to £15,000. Read more >

faq icon 24490 Ash Road Bridge Plans Approved

Our plans to improve safety and reduce congestion at Ash Station by building a new road bridge and later a foot bridge to replace the level crossing were last night (Wednesday 6 January) approved by our Planning Committee. Read more >

faq icon 24489 Join Our Free Online Business Briefing

Business owners are invited to learn about our 2021-22 budget and get information on supporting future economic recovery in a sustainable way at our free online Economic Briefing on Thursday 14 January. Read more >

faq icon 24488 Leader Statement - National Lockdown: Stay at Home

Cllr Joss Bigmore, Leader of the Council said: 'As we return to national lockdown today, I'd like to thank you all for your continued patience and commitment to following the guidance over the past 10 months. We must pull together again now to get through the next phase of this unprecedented pandemic. Read more >

faq icon 24487 Leader Statement: Tier 4 - Please Stay At Home

Cllr Joss Bigmore, Leader of the Council said: 'Coronavirus (Covid 19) infection rates have rapidly increased across most of Surrey and following yesterday's (Saturday 19 December) announcement from the Prime Minister we have moved into stricter Tier 4 restrictions today. Read more >

faq icon 24486 Christmas and New Year Bin Collection Changes

Bin collection days will change over the Christmas and New Year period but a full service of rubbish and recycling collections will continue over the festive season. Although there will be no garden waste collections between the 29th December and the 9th January, crews will still be out collecting your Christmas waste. Read more >

faq icon 24485 Guildford Innovation Awards 2020 Celebrate Outstanding Achievements

Press release in collaboration with University of Surrey and Surrey Research Park Read more >

faq icon 24484 Leader Statement - Tier 3

Cllr Joss Bigmore, Leader of the Council says: "From 12.01am on Saturday morning we enter Tier 3, alongside most of Surrey and other parts of the South East. It is essential that we continue to play our part to reduce the spread of the virus by following the increased government restrictions, protect the NHS and save lives. Read more >

faq icon 24483 COVID-19 Impact: Borough Businesses have your say

Do you own or run a business in Guildford? Local business owners can now let us know how we can help provide further support and advice by completing our quick and simple online survey. Read more >

faq icon 24482 Watch Our Presentation On Our North Street Regeneration Plans

Our plans to revive Guildford town centre and restore it as the flourishing and vibrant jewel in the borough's crown continued earlier this week with a public exhibition introducing our vision for North Street and a new bus station. Read more >

faq icon 24479 Celebrating Guildford's innovative achievements

Celebrate the very best of Guildford's business community at the 2020 Guildford Innovation Awards. Read more >

faq icon 24478 Feeding families this Christmas

We are supporting families across the borough with food parcels to help tackle holiday hunger this Christmas. Read more >

faq icon 24477 Plans for Ash Road Bridge to go to Planning Committee

We are making progress with our plans to reduce congestion at Ash Station by building a new road bridge and later a foot bridge to replace the level crossing, with an application going to our Planning Committee early next year. Read more >

faq icon 24476 £112,000 and happy second birthday to our Community Lottery

Our Community Lottery celebrates two years of helping local good causes raise money for themselves this December. Since launching in 2018, the Guildford Community Lottery has raised almost £112,000 for over 130 charities, clubs, school PTAs and other not-for-profit organisations in our borough. Read more >

faq icon 24475 Please Join our Mayoralty's Online Christmas Concert this Sunday

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Guildford invite everyone to join them from their homes this Sunday, 13 December, for their 2020 Mayor of Guildford's Christmas Concert. Read more >

faq icon 24474 New Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Guildford selected for 2021-22

Cllr Marsha Moseley and Cllr Dennis Booth were formally nominated to become the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Guildford for 2021-22, at last night's full meeting of the Council. Read more >

faq icon 24473 Work to begin on Walnut Bridge to improve access to town centre for pedestrians and cyclists

Work begins on Monday 14 December on the new Walnut Bridge, which will create a wider bridge across the River Wey and a landscaped plaza to offer an improved route into the town centre for pedestrians and cyclists. Read more >

faq icon 24472 Money For Businesses - Still Available

Two government grants of up to £3000 are still available to businesses affected by November's four-week national lockdown. Read more >

faq icon 24471 Protecting Guildford from dog mess

Dog walkers who allow their pets to foul without clearing it up will continue to face fines of up to £1000 after the borough-wide banning order was extended. Read more >

faq icon 24470 More Support For Rate-Paying Businesses

New grants of up to £3,000 are available to help local businesses which have been affected by the second national lockdown in place since Thursday 5 November. Read more >

faq icon 24469 Budget Consultation: Where should we prioritise our spending?

We are asking residents to have their say on where we should prioritise our spending after medium-term budget plans considered by the Executive last week predicted a shortfall of £2 million next year, rising to a total £4.4 million in the next four years. Read more >

faq icon 24465 Honorary Alderman Gordon Bridger

It is with great sadness that we can confirm the death of Former Mayor and Honorary Alderman Gordon Bridger last week (Friday, 27 November). Read more >

faq icon 24460 Park For Less This Christmas

Residents, shoppers and those working in the town centre will be able to park their cars for less over the Christmas and New Year period as part of an initiative to encourage everyone to stay longer when visiting the town. Read more >

faq icon 24459 Grants give boost to local Parish Councils

Local villages are set to benefit from our Concurrent Functions Grant Aid Scheme, which provides financial assistance to parish councils to support projects to improve the lives of local residents. Read more >

faq icon 24458 Budget Challenges, residents to help set priorities

The Executive considered the latest outline budget for 2021-22 and business planning to help with the Council's medium-term plans up to 2025 at a meeting last night (24 November). Savings will continue and residents will be asked for their views on where to prioritise spending. Read more >

faq icon 24457 Supporter of the Guildford Lottery wins national prize

A local player of our Community Lottery won a national prize for a Family Forest Staycation when he bought tickets to support Guildford's radio station Kane FM in the Autumn prize draw. Read more >

faq icon 24455 Reminder: Shalford Common Consultation deadline extended to 31 December 2020

Our Shalford Common consultation deadline has been extended. You now have until the 31 December 2020 to share your views on the management of Shalford Common. Read more >

faq icon 24454 Grant Applications Open For Businesses Closed During Lockdown

Grants of up to £3,000 are available to help local businesses which have had to close during the four-week national lockdown, as we continue to support our local economy during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Read more >

faq icon 24453 Weyside Urban Village Proposals Nearing Completion

We are nearing completion of the outline proposals for our exciting riverside development in Guildford, to build approximately 1500 new homes on brownfield land at Slyfield. Read more >

faq icon 24452 Leave a message for loved ones on our memorial Christmas Trees

Guildford Crematorium invites families to write a message in memory of loved ones to be placed on their memorial Christmas trees from Wednesday 2 December. Read more >

faq icon 24436 Care and Repair Team shortlisted for National Healthy Housing Awards

Our Care and Repair Team has been shortlisted for the National Healthy Housing Awards. Read more >

faq icon 24395 Update on disabled parking bays in the town centre

Cllr Julia McShane, Lead Councillor for the Community, says: "After listening to residents', we have now decided to remove all temporary barriers blocking disabled parking spaces on the High Street. Read more >

faq icon 24393 Save money on energy bills with Green Jump Surrey

Residents can save money on their energy bills with a new 'Green Jump Surrey' grant. Read more >

faq icon 24322 Our Museum Takes over the Town!

Guildford Museum showcases a unique 'Town Take Over' initiative from Saturday 3 October connecting exciting objects in it's collection with historic locations across the town. Read more >

faq icon 24315 Lottery helps raise £100k for good causes in our borough!

Guildford Community Lottery celebrated a major milestone in its fundraising efforts for local good causes this week - and will give anybody who helps raise even more money by 31 October a chance to win a fantastic family forest staycation. Read more >

faq icon 24314 Our pawfect animal welfare work rewarded

We have retained our Bronze Animal Activity Licensing Award from the RSPCA PawPrints Awards for the second consecutive year. Read more >

faq icon 24311 Planned change of leadership

Councillor Caroline Reeves resigned as Leader of the Council at a meeting of the Executive last night. As the office of Leader is now vacant, under the terms of Article 6 of the Constitution, the Deputy Leader, Councillor Joss Bigmore will act as Leader and is entitled to exercise all functions reserved to the Leader until a new Leader is elected by the Council. Read more >

faq icon 24306 Improved pedestrian and cyclist paths providing safer, greener travel in Guildford

Residents, students and those on their way to work travelling from other areas of Guildford to the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Surrey Research Park and Surrey Sports Park can now enjoy a smoother, safer journey thanks to the completion of the next phase of improvements we have made working with Surrey County Council and Highways England. Read more >

faq icon 24223 Taxi driver has licence revoked - Crown Court dismisses appeal

A hackney carriage driver has had their appeal against the Council's decision to revoke their driver's licence dismissed by Guildford Crown Court. Read more >

faq icon 24213 Update on Chantry Woods Campsite

Lead Councillor for the Environment, Cllr James Steel provides an update on the town's Chantry Woods campsite: Read more >

faq icon 24207 Update on public events in Guildford

All large events planned for 2020 on Council-owned land will be postponed or cancelled as the safety of our residents, visitors and staff remains our top priority. Read more >

faq icon 24206 Celebrating 75th anniversary of VJ Day in Guildford

VJ (Victory over Japan) Day, 15 August 1945 marked the day on which Japan surrendered bringing an end to nearly six years of war in the far east - a triumphant day following a war that cost millions of lives and saw unimaginable suffering with thousands held as prisoners of war. Read more >

faq icon 23962 Mayor's Award honours service to the community

Over 20 local residents and groups who between them give hundreds of hours each week to make a real difference in their community have been recognised and celebrated by the Mayor of Guildford. Read more >

faq icon 23564 General Election result for the Guildford Constituency

The result of the election of a Member of Parliament for the Guildford Constituency has been declared. Read more >

faq icon 22752 Final results for all 22 Guildford Borough wards now online

We have been publishing the results for each ward as they were declared throughout the day. Read more >

faq icon 22558 New Local Plan - Planning Inspector's final report published

The government's Planning Inspector has now produced his final report and recommendations and submitted them to the Council. This marks the end of his independent examination of our submitted Local Plan. Read more >