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Proof of residence and pension signing

Please read the information about getting a foreign pension signed or a proof of residence supplied by Electoral Services.

Proof of registration

The Electoral Services office will provide a certificate of registration free of charge for up to the last 15 years. No records are held dating back further than 15 years. This certificate will be sent to you at your current registered address. If you require a certificate of registration, please contact Electoral Services by calling 01483 444115 or emailing: electoralservices@guildford.gov.uk and let them know your name and address. By default, a registration certificate is produced for the current year only.

If you have changed your name during the period for which you require a certificate of registration, you may be asked to supply proof of your change of name (for example, a marriage or deed poll certificate). If you have changed your address during the period for which you require a certificate of registration, you will need to let Electoral Services know the previous addresses for which you require proof. Certificates can only be supplied for addresses in the Guildford Borough Council area.

We regret to inform you that this service is available only to registered electors. This includes only British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizens.

Pension signing

The Electoral Services office will sign confirmations of residence and life for holders of foreign pensions. This service is provided free of charge on a 'by appointment' basis only. Please contact Electoral Services to make an appointment. Everyone who is named on the confirmation will need to appear at the office and bring a photographic proof of ID (for example, a passport or driving licence).

If a different name appears on the certificate to that on the electoral register, a proof of change of name (such as a marriage certificate) will also be needed. Proof of address is provided by a check of the electoral register against the address listed on the pension confirmation document.

If you are not a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union citizen, you will need to provide proof of address in the form of a bank statement or utility bill in addition to proof of ID. This is due to your name not appearing on the electoral register.

If you require a personalised proof of residence and life letter to be prepared for you, this service is also provided free of charge and on a 'by appointment' basis only. You will need to provide any documentary details (for example a passport) that you require on the letter. Please note that these letters will be produced using your registered name. If you require another name to appear in the document a proof of change of name (for example, a marriage certificate) will be needed.

Appointments are required for all pension signings to ensure that a relevant member of Electoral Services staff is available to sign or produce your documents.