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Refugee crisis guidance and information

How you can help:

  • if you would like to make a financial donation to the Syrian refugee families being re-settled in the borough, please contact us by email - Syrian.refugees@guildford.gov.uk

  • donate cash to humanitarian organisations or charities who are already working with refugees

  • view the gov.uk website which gives contacts for volunteer opportunities, housing offers, donating goods and fostering

  • contact the British Red Cross Crisis Helpline 0800 107 8727

If you decide that you would like to make a charitable donation, please be aware of the Charity Commission's guidance on giving safely to refugee appeals.


The Government intends to resettle 20,000 Syrians in need of protection during this Parliament, by expanding the existing Syrian Vulnerable Person Scheme.

We are working with Surrey County Council, other districts and boroughs, health colleagues, voluntary and community groups and the faith sector, to consider how Surrey can best support the government's initiative. Guildford has housed a number of families in the borough, and plans to resettle more.

You might find our Syrian refugees frequently asked questions useful.


If you wish to express an interest in making a property available at some point for a refugee family and you would be willing to rent it out at Local Housing Allowance rates to help house refugees, please read the page Offer of housing for refugees and complete our Refugee Housing Offer Form.

Thank you.