Spotlight on our spending

Find out more about what we pay our people and suppliers.

Spending on services

We are one of the biggest district councils in England and offer a wide range of services such as street cleaning, leisure, recycling and community care for over 135,000 residents. Many of these services, such as our local housing stock of over 5,000 homes, are not supplied by other councils.

One of the Council's core values is that our work will be publicly accountable and presented with openness and transparency. So, as part of a move to make our information more easily available, any spending over £500 with external suppliers is available online. You can search and view this financial data using the Spotlight on Spend national website.

Spotlight on spend notes

To help answer your questions about the Council's spending, see our Spending on goods and services page for guidance to using the Spotlight on Spend website.

Management salaries and benefits

We are also committed to continuous improvement and providing you with relevant and cost effective services. Our corporate management team is responsible for the strategic and daily operation of the Council and works closely with councillors to advise and assist them.

You can view their salaries, benefits and other information about them by following links in the related pages section of this page. There is also a link to more details about the 48 local councillors.