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Student review

We are obliged to regularly review those accounts that receive a student discount or exemption. Even if you are still a full time student, we need to have a correct address for you in order to award this exemption. Therefore, we will review this each year and ask you to notify us of any changes regarding your address, course etc.

Please note you are only classified as a full time student for the dates quoted on your student exemption certificate, not the date you graduate.

If you have received a student review form, please complete the online form using the link below. You will need your Council Tax account number (this can be found on your Council Tax bill or the student review form).

One person will be required to complete the online form(s) on behalf of each member of the household and the following information for each member will be required

  • Whether they are staying at the property or moving to a different address

  • Tenancy end date

  • Date of move

  • Address after this date (if known)

  • Contact details (if known)

Please note that if an individual is moving within the borough, we will also need to know the tenancy start date and address of the property they will move to.

If there are more than five of you in the property, you will need to submit additional forms.

There will be an opportunity at the end of the form for you to supply additional information if you need to.

Student exemption review online form

Without this information for every member of the household, you will NOT be able to submit the form. 

Failure to submit the form will result in the discount or exemption being removed and the full charge will become payable.