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Chill out with our health and wellness theme

The Wellness Week

Wellness week shoes 21 June to 25 June.

We believe complete wellness comes from key health and fitness elements, including heart pumping training, a good knowledge of nutrition and a connection between mind, body and soul.

The Wellness Week brings together a team of experts to deliver specialised classes and workshops that will inspire and support you on your path to wellness.

Five days of fitness, fun and feeling fab in Guildford and we promise something for everyone.

Our programme focuses on bringing mind, body and soul together and includes:

  • Fitness

  • Pilates and Yoga

  • High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) and Bootcamp

  • Mother, baby and toddler classes

  • Practical support to help people lead healthier lifestyles for life

  • Nutrition for all the family

  • Injury Prevention

For more information and a timetable of activities visit The Wellness Week website 

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday Wellness Wednesday is a series of weekly workshops and events focussing on fitness, health and wellbeing. Delivered by The Wellness Workshop, we bring together a team of experts in fitness, nutrition, coaching and mindfulness.

Each week will give the opportunity to take part in a class, talk to like-minded people, have a consultation in nutrition or coaching, or try out one of our mindfulness sessions.