Wild Wood Adventure

Peacock Wood
Lido Road



Go Wild in the Woods!

Wild Wood Adventure is the largest treetop attraction of its kind in the UK with two separate courses - one for little ones called Wild Kids and one for the seriously adventurous! Both courses are super safe and super fun for all the family with the Swiss made Safe Roller system. You are always attached to the safety wire so you don’t need to worry about being unsafe - just have fun! Don’t forget for all kinds of pre-booked groups (schools, scouts, brownies, clubs and companies!) Please contact for available times and packages.

Wild Kids is hard enough to be a challenge but easy enough to be fun and do-able. Ascend the steps on the start tower and then enjoy a mixture of wobbly bridges, balance logs, climbing walls and both finishes with great, long zip lines back to ground level again. 2 big loops in the air made up of over 20 different challenges to excite even the boldest of youngsters! Wild Wood Adventure is designed for ages 11+ years and over 1.4 metres tall and offering two increasingly challenging treetop experiences that they will not forget!

Experience the thrill of zipping through the tree canopy, skate boarding through the sky, tackling our hanging boulders and swinging through the trees like a modern-day Tarzan. The course is completed with a descent back to the ground using either our 100m super-fast zip wire from the top of the tower or our 15m free-fall fan drop… There’s always the stairs for the less adventurous though.

Wild Wood Challenge

Team building for Groups - challenging, satisfying, thrilling and huge fun!

For a 2 hour Challenge (£25 per person +VAT) you will usually be able to complete 3 from the list below, plus finish off with one of our big finales.

For a 3 hour Challenge (£35 per person +VAT) you will usually be able to complete 4 from the list below, plus one of our big finales.

Jacob’s Ladder: 12m high, can only be climbed as a team.

Crate Stack: You will need to work with and trust each other.

High ‘All Aboard’: Teamwork at its finest.

Leap of Faith: Leap from the 10m pole to a trapeze.

Climbing Wall: Scale our 13 metre Climbing Wall.

Gladiator Challenge: A head-to-head race requiring courage and determination!

Abseiling: Walk backwards 13 metres down the vertical tower!

Big finale – 15m “Freefall”: Leap into 15m of thin air!

Big finale – 100m Zipline: Fly the entire length of the wood.

FREE PARKING and are very easy to find, just of the A3 by Guildford. Come and visit us for one of the most exhilarating times you will ever experience.

Opening days

Open February to November every weekend.

Open all Bank and School Holidays and Half Terms

Open other days and times depending on the season - please see live booking website for details

Entry prices

Wild Wood Adventure

Adults (ages 18+) - £30

Children (ages 11-18) - £20

Wild Kids (age 6 to 106) £17.50


Wild Wood are making some exciting changes for Summer 2018…

Zip Zone – is a brand new activity at Wildwood Adventure in Stoke Park Guildford and is an hour of adrenalin fuelled fun of nothing but leaping off our 15 metre tower on our biggest zip lines and the ‘Wild Drop’ free fall descender. 

Party Wild - you can book your party whether it’s for kids or adults at a reduced rate - min group size 10 and book food with the Daisy Chain Cafe next door for fabulous party food packages.

We have also launched a brand new web site and booking portal with a whole new branding and exciting new activities to book.

With the summer holidays almost upon us, the launch is just in time for the busiest season and offers ease of booking and navigation with a rebranded presentation, that makes choosing an activity very simple.

Rob Mitchell, Wildwood Director says “we’ve been working on this upgrade to our booking system and website for months and we’re delighted that it’s now fully working with the new Zip Zone and Parties ready to book”.