The Spike Heritage Centre

Warren Road



This is no stately home, no priceless work of art but the most innovative and exciting on-going heritage project, the Vagrants and Casual Ward of the Guildford Union Workhouse. The Spike will always have a very real and personal story to tell.

It's 1906 the Guildford Union Workhouse looms over the town foretelling the fate that will befall the idle poor, those who fall sick, become lame or feeble of mind; it is to the workhouse they must go but for those who can yet earn a crust - the able-bodied beggar - the spike awaits for he deserves no award for his wicked idleness nor she, with her child, for her open stupidity.

Fascinating tours last about 1 hours 20 minutes including a short film. Refreshments are offered during the tour. Call for more information.

Take a virtual tour of The Spike Here



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