Guildford Tourist Information Centre is part of the Guildford Borough Council Economic Development Service.

We are committed to providing a high standard of service to all of its customers.

Who we are and what we do:

As Guildford's Tourist Information Centre (TIC), and the only remaining TIC in Surrey, we are the first point of contact for visitors to the area and residents to obtain information on events, attractions and accommodation in Guildford and Surrey.

We provide:

  • Free What's on and Event Information
  • Free town centre map
  • Guided Tours of Guildford by the Town Guides
  • Event bookings
  • Attractions tickets and information
  • Gifts and souvenirs
  • Maps and books
  • Accommodation booking and advice

Our Staff

  • We will provide a polite, welcoming and efficient service.
  • We will be responsible and accountable for the accuracy and quality of our work
  • No matter what the enquiry, our staff will deal with it to the best of their ability and ensure every resource is utilised to achieve the desired result.
  • Our staff will use their product knowledge and skills to ensure the visitor receives accurate and relevant information about Guildford and Surrey.
  • We will provide staff with the required training and support to deliver an excellent service to you.
  • Tourism Advisers wear a uniform and name badge so you can identify them easily.
  • We will offer unpressurised and impartial advice and assistance for customers wishing to purchase goods and services.


Our performance:

  • We will endeavour to respond to emails within 24 hours, this may take up to 7 days (5 working days) during busy periods. We will respond to correspondence within 5 working days.
  • Where possible, we will give assistance in response to personal or telephone enquiries immediately. However, if an enquiry is of a complex nature, it may result in a longer response time for others waiting.
  • If we are unable to respond in this period, we will send an acknowledgement with the likely timescale for which the customer will receive a likely response.


We can also provide:

  • Mini Loop
  • Information in Large print
  • Other languages spoken


GBC mission for 2015 - 2020

Our vision is for Guildford to be a town and rural borough...

...that is the most desirable place to live, work and visit in South East England. A centre for education, healthcare, innovative cutting edge businesses, high quality retail and wellbeing. A county town set in a vibrant rural environment, which balances the needs of urban and rural communities alike. Known for our outstanding urban planning and design, and with infrastructure that will properly cope with our needs.

GBC customer charter

An organisation that puts the customer at the heart of service delivery. We will:

  • be friendly and approachable
  • listen carefully
  • treat you fairly
  • respect your confidentiality
  • safeguard your personal information
  • reply to correspondence as soon as possible within ten working days
  • aim to answer phone calls within four rings
  • aim to see visitors within five minutes
  • welcome feedback to help us improve services
  • consult you regularly
  • ensure equal access to information, services and our buildings