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Winners of Guildford in Bloom 2019

Take a look at our list of winners for Guildford in Bloom 2019.

Bunting image GIB
Guildford in Bloom Awards 2019
Les and Stella HindBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenCompetition Winner
Janet BangsBest Front GardenGold Category Winner
Cecil HintonBest Front GardenGold 
Dr David G JobsonBest Front GardenGold
Sharon SmithBest Front GardenGold 
Mrs Rosemary Yvonne TribeBest Front GardenGold
David BaileyBest Front GardenGold
Caroline HillBest Front GardenGold 
Barbara OwenBest Front GardenGold 
Anthony McElhinneyBest Front GardenSilver Gilt
Damaris FeyBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Elizabeth MustonBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Christie McLieshBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Lyn WorswickBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Mr R M AvenellBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Peter and Min MartinBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Christine PollardBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Christine HallidayBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Elaine AlisonBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Philippa WrightBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Isobel BernhardBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Clair WilliamsBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Mr HandcockBest Front GardenSilver Gilt 
Ann BatchelorBest Front GardenSilver 
Barbara SuttonBest Front GardenSilver 
Mr and Mrs G BakerBest Front GardenSilver 
NiniansBest Front GardenSilver 
E. PoulterBest Front GardenSilver 
Roland GreenBest Front GardenSilver 
Carole GlasperBest Front GardenSilver 
Lotta & Don HemmingsBest Front GardenSilver 
Lesley HopeBest Front GardenSilver 
Pascal PeronBest Front GardenSilver 
Sue ClutterbuckBest Front GardenSilver 
Margaret HuntBest Front GardenBronze 
Mr and Mrs RowlattBest Front GardenBronze 
Matthew GathercoleBest Front GardenBronze
Colleen Morden Best Front GardenCommended
Les and Stella HindBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold Category Winner
Christine AllenBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Halow ProjectBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Mr John SteerBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Peter and Janice SedgwickBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
St Joseph's Catholic Primary SchoolBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Tom and Heather HallBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Alex ColbertBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Charlotte Waitt and Ian KneeBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Julie and Peter LeeBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
Russ PickinBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenGold 
David and Judy MaxwellBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
John and Sylvia CoxBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Faith, Jools, Lola and ElliotBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Peter NichollsBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Brian BentonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Isobel Gurney and Liam ByrneBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Jenny JayBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Keith StainerBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Mike and Carol FlarryBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Ana Lockyer and Chris BrownBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Colin AldermanBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Deborah and Anthony HoganBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Marion and Arthur KingeBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Verena ZaccagniniBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
John and Carol WildBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Keith SuttonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Helen Holt and Lisa CharterBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Keith and Lucy JohnsonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Laura FarrellBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Lina Tande and Alan StevensBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Christine GiordmainaBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Derek DickinsonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Odysseas and Christine CostaBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Tania GrantBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Alan MichaelsBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
The Therapy GardenBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Tom SmartBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Alan OsgoodBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Kim HarriottBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Hayley ColgateBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Trevor and Kim MitchellBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Michael AylingBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt 
Christine and Ross RzechorzekBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver Gilt
Stephen ClunieBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Mark PreeceBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver
Kat FullerBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver
Leon StewardBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Mr Ian Charleson and Mrs Caroline ColemanBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
John WilsonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Jim DaviesBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
David Hicks and Elizabeth MustonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Samantha GladstoneBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Sheila Shackleton Best Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Helen GowersBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
John HillBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Audrey WilsonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Vicky Shepherd Best Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Alyson Blackwell and Kate BradfordBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Boxgrove Primary SchoolBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Clement and Emma AbrewBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Peter and Sally HooperBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Richard StewartBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Dr John ThomasBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Eleanor BullingBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Adrian and Geoff PhippsBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Chris LeeBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Clare NicolBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Michael LawrenceBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Paul Hill-GibbinsBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Peter and Tina Fitzpatrick Best Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Stephen VincentBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Susie MerryBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenSilver 
Miss DJ AdamsBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Peter LockhartBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Dave Turner and Brenda FlynnBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Tom and Mirela DumicBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Ben and RichardBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Helen CleallBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Mary and Roger PackerBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Alison HewsonBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Peter MorleyBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Vicki Derry-ThomasBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Karsten and Zoe KollovBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Stuti RoulBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Anton StillwellBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
George CorriganBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Mr L DaubneyBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Phillip Willans and Liz CrossBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Trevor and Amy WeighillBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenBronze 
Dawn AustinBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenCommended
Melissa Pickering and Vinutha GinimavBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenCommended
Wendy CradockBest Allotment/Kitchen GardenCommended
Ken and Patricia ComerfordBest Container GardenGold Category Winner
Sonia PatersonBest Container GardenSilver Gilt 
Maureen LeminBest Container GardenSilver Gilt
Brenda WyschnaBest Container GardenSilver 
Joy WalleyBest Container GardenSilver 
Graham Vincent Best Container GardenSilver 
Doreen and Michael BoxallBest Container GardenSilver 
Mr Jack ThornberBest Container GardenSilver 
Castle Green Bowls Club Container GardenBest Container GardenCommended 
Palmer's  Lodge Flower Garden Community ProjectBest Neighbourhood ProjectGold Category Winner
Condor Court Neighbourhood GardenBest Neighbourhood ProjectGold
Grace and FlavourBest Neighbourhood ProjectGold
Stoke HospitalBest Neighbourhood ProjectGold
Syrian Families Gardening, Arts and Heritage ProjectBest Neighbourhood ProjectGold
Dagley Lane Community ProjectBest Neighbourhood ProjectGold 
HMP Send Best Neighbourhood ProjectGold 
Cathedral View Community GardenBest Neighbourhood ProjectSilver Gilt
The Fountain CentreBest Neighbourhood ProjectSilver Gilt
Headway SurreyBest Neighbourhood ProjectSilver Gilt 
Franklin Court Garden ProjectBest Neighbourhood ProjectSilver
Merrow Residents AssociationBest Neighbourhood ProjectSilver
Daisy Shearer University of SurreyStudent Garden ShowcaseGold Category Winner
Gomshall Mill, Ann 'Hovis' BernardBest PubGold Category Winner
The Robin HoodBest PubGold 
The Compasses Inn Gomshall Best PubGold 
The Three PigeonsBest PubGold 
The CannonBest PubGold 
The Royal OakBest PubGold 
The Star InnBest PubSilver Gilt 
Thatcher's HotelBest PubSilver Gilt 
The BritanniaBest PubSilver Gilt 
The Keep Best PubSilver Gilt
The Queen VictoriaBest PubSilver Gilt 
The Horse and GroomBest PubSilver Gilt 
Butterfly ConservationBest Site for Nature ConservationGold Category Winner
ClandonWood Nature Reserve and Natural Burial GroundBest Site for Nature ConservationGold 
Fox Corner Wildlife AreaBest Site for Nature ConservationGold 
Pewley Down VolunteersBest Site for Nature ConservationGold 
Snaky Lane Community Wildlife GroupBest Site for Nature ConservationGold 
St Mary's Church, HolmburyBest Site for Nature ConservationGold 
Albury VineyardBest Site for Nature ConservationSilver Gilt 
Friends of Chitty's CommonBest Site for Nature ConservationSilver Gilt 
Tongham Woods Improvement GroupBest Site for Nature ConservationSilver Gilt 
University of Surrey LakesideBest Site for Nature ConservationSilver 
Andrew WellsBest Wildlife GardenGold Category Winner
Stephen and Susan RenaudBest Wildlife GardenGold 
Heather and Bob BromhamBest Wildlife GardenGold 
Amanda BeardBest Wildlife GardenGold 
Ailsa VincentBest Wildlife GardenGold 
Sat LuthraBest Wildlife GardenSilver Gilt 
Julia and Roy WakeBest Wildlife GardenSilver Gilt 
Eni Font FreideBest Wildlife GardenSilver 
St Mary's Churchyard Nectar GardenBest Wildlife GardenSilver 
Mrs P. SmithBest Wildlife GardenSilver
Paul, Jane, Luke and Ellie TysonBest Wildlife GardenSilver 
Barker and StonehouseBest Wildlife GardenSilver 
Karena BarryBest Wildlife GardenBronze 
Wonersh and Shamley Green Primary SchoolBest School in BloomGold Category Winner
Ash Grange Primary SchoolBest School in BloomGold
Jigsaw School (Cranleigh)Best School in BloomGold 
Burpham Primary SchoolBest School in BloomGold 
Gosden House SchoolBest School in BloomGold 
Pirbright Village Primary SchoolBest School in BloomGold 
Worplesdon Primary SchoolBest School in BloomGold 
Kings College For The Arts and TechnologyBest School in BloomGold 
Glenesk SchoolBest School in BloomGold 
Lanesborough Pre-PrepBest School in BloomGold
Guildford Nursery School and Children's CentreBest School in BloomSilver Gilt 
Wood Street Infant SchoolBest School in BloomSilver Gilt 
St Nicolas C of E Infant SchoolBest School in BloomSilver Gilt 
Stoughton Infant SchoolBest School in BloomSilver Gilt 
Pond Meadow SchoolBest School in BloomSilver Gilt 
Headway SurreyThemeTheme Winner
Marteen LeminTheme 
Mr Jack ThornberTheme 
Barbara OwenTheme 
Dagley Lane Community ProjectTheme 
HMP Send Theme 
The Robin HoodTheme