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Draft Air Quality Action Plan

We have launched a public consultation on the  Draft Air Quality Action Plan (Word doc) [4MB] . The consultation will run from Friday 1 July 4pm to Wednesday 3 August 2022 12am.

The plan aims to:

  • reduce air pollutants in Guildford
  • improve air quality in the Guildford Town Centre Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)

The plan is part of our statutory duty. It is required by the Local Air Quality Management framework.

The plan will outline:

  • the actions the Council aims to deliver between 2022-27
  • how we plan to reduce the levels of NO2 in the Town Centre AQMA
  • how the plan will improve air quality in the wider Guildford area
  • how we will reduce other pollutants in the ambient air

Air pollution can cause adverse health conditions. It is recognised as a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease and cancer. Air pollution particularly affects those most vulnerable.

We must take action to improve air quality. We want to improve the health and quality of life of Guildford residents and visitors.

The Council has developed actions that can be considered under ten broad topics:

  • alternatives to private vehicle use
  • freight and delivery management
  • improving air quality modelling and assessment
  • policy guidance and development control
  • promoting low emission transport
  • promoting travel alternatives
  • public information and education
  • traffic management
  • transport planning and infrastructure
  • vehicle fleet efficiency

The consultation will give the public and local businesses the chance to comment.

We are also seeking other options for air quality improvements in the town centre AQMA. The final AQAP will consider all the feedback received by interested parties.

Have your say on the air quality action plan