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From 4pm on Friday 31 March until 5pm on Monday 3 April you will not be able to access your council tax, benefits or business rates accounts on MyGuildford. This is whilst we run our year end processes. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Claim benefit for rent on two properties when moving

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Housing benefit is normally only paid on one home. In some cases it can be paid on two homes.

Housing benefit can be paid on two homes if someone moves into a new property and still has to pay rent at their old property.

How long is it paid for?

Housing benefit on two homes is paid for a maximum of four weeks.

What conditions must be met?

To get housing benefit on both properties the following conditions must be met:

  • payment on both homes must be unavoidable
  • you must have moved in to your new home

When would the council not pay housing benefit on two homes?


  • the tenancy does not require a notice period and no notice can be demanded by the landlord.
  • a person moves into a new home and doesn't have to pay rent. This includes moving into a nursing home
  • we cannot pay if the customer has died and the estate asks to pay a notice period

How do I claim?

You can complete your claim online. 

Apply to claim benefit on two homes

What about council tax?

Normally, council tax is only payable for the home you live in.

If your notice period has been given, you have moved and your home was furnished by your landlord, then council tax may still be payable on the address to the end of the notice period. 

Council tax support cannot be used to help pay for this.