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Apply for a garage - council tenants

Terms and conditions for renting a garage

  1. You need to give one week's notice in writing before 12 o'clock (noon) on any Monday to end the agreement
  2. Garage tenants will pay rent by direct debit. Residential tenants of Guildford Borough Council who will have their garage rent added to their housing rent
  3. You will not sub-let the garage
  4. The garage must only be used for storage of your vehicle, personal or household items. All items are your responsibility to insure. We will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any items stored in the garage
  5. No work can be done to your vehicle except for minor repairs
  6. You will not cause annoyance to the Council or neighbouring garages or houses
  7. You will report all problems or repairs to the Repairs and Tenant Services Team, Neighbourhood and Housing Management Services by calling 01483 505050
  8. You are responsible for any damage to the garage
  9. You are responsible for keeping the garage in a clean and tidy and for maintenance and/or replacement of the garage door locks during the tenancy
  10. You should allow us to have access to the garage if we request it. At least 24 hours notice in writing will be given except in an emergency
  11. You must notify the Garages Team, Neighbourhood and Housing Management Services, of any change of address by calling 01483 505050
  12. You need to pay a month's rent in advance when you receive your agreement and keys
  13. When the tenancy ends, we have the right to get rid of any items left in the garage. Any costs to do this will be charged to the tenant
  14. At the end of the tenancy, all keys must be returned to us. If you do not return the keys a lock change which will be charged to you. A lock change will also be carried out in the case of an eviction. Again, this will be charged to you
  15. We will notify you if your rent increases. Giving at least 14 days notice in writing
  16. We reserve the right to end the tenancy in the following circumstances:
  • you are behind with paying rent
  • You are in breach of any other garage conditions of tenancy 
  1. The garage must not be used to store the following:
  • full or empty gas cylinders
  • volatile flammable materials, other than the fuel contained in the tank of a vehicle
  • corrosive substances other than the acid contained in the battery of a vehicle
  • any material that has the potential to cause pollution
  • scrap materials
  • materials stored in connection with a business
  1. If you wish to contact us please write to us at:

Guildford Borough Council

Millmead House