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Apply to rent a garage for general use

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What you need to know?

These garages are used for general storage of items such as:

  • vehicles
  • household items
  • furniture
  • bicycles

Use the map below to find out the location of our garages.

Fees for renting a garage

Garage rent charges are calculated per week and depend on their location.

Fees are: 

  • non town centre garages - £11.61 per week
  • town centre garages where the tenant lives within a one mile radius - £14.13 per week
  • town centre garages where the tenant lives outside of a one mile radius - £23.24 per week

Note that VAT at 20% is charged if you're not currently a council tenant.

If you receive housing benefit you're not entitled to additional benefit to pay for garage rent.

Can I rent more than one garage?

Yes, but priority will be given to people who do not already rent a garage.

How to apply for a garage

You apply for a garage by emailing us at or use our customer services form.

Once you're successful, we will:

  • confirm by email if your application is successful
  • arrange a time for you to sign the garage tenancy agreement and collect the keys

You will have to pay a £100 deposit in advance when you sign up.

If you do not get your first choice, you can request to be placed on the waiting list.

Report a fault with your garage

Use our online form to report a fault with your garage.

Report a fault with your garage

How to cancel your garage agreement

To end you garage tenancy we'll need:

  • one week's notice from you in writing
  • the tenancy end date to be a Sunday
  • garage key returned to reception at Millmead House by hand and receipt obtained in order for your deposit to be refunded

To tell us that you would like to end your tenancy, write to us or email us using our customer services form.

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