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Disruption to water services and amber weather warning

If you live in GU5 or GU6 you may be experiencing low water pressure or shortages. Visit Thames Water for updates.  

Met Office have issued an amber weather warning for thunderstorms. You can visit our pages for advice during a flood. For further advice or information visit the Met Office.

Use a contractor to get rid of rubbish

A contractor is someone other than Guildford Borough Council who gets rid of your waste. If you use a contractor, you have a legal 'duty of care' to make sure they throw the waste away legally. If a contractor throws waste away illegally, you can get a fixed penalty notice or be prosecuted.

You can make checks to show you've met your 'duty of care'. Keep records of these checks so you can use them as evidence in case a contractor breaks the law.

Before you choose a contractor

When deciding which contractor to use, you must ask the following questions:

  • Are they registered as a waste carrier, broker or dealer of waste? Can they show evidence of their authorisation, such as a copy of their permit or proof of their exemption?
  • Are they on the Environment Agency's public online register? You can also call 03708 506506 to check.
  • Where will they take the waste? Is the place authorised to accept it? Do they have an environmental permit or registered exemption to take it there?

Once you've chosen a contractor

You must complete the following tasks whilst getting rid of your waste:

  • Make sure you store the waste safely on your property, so it cannot cause damage to the environment.
  • Use suitable storage containers which will stop the waste leaking. It must not contaminate or spoil anything.
  • Make sure nobody else can access the waste or add something else to it.
  • Get a Waste Transfer Note or receipt when you hand the waste over. This must show the contractor's name and details as well as details of the waste. You must keep this note for two years. Download a Waste Transfer Note template if they cannot provide one.

Some contractors register as waste carriers, but still fly tip waste to save money. If you think your waste is being mishandled, use a different contractor who meets the requirements.