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Ash Road Bridge environmental design and assessment

Assessments on the following topics will be submitted as part of the planning application.

Air quality

While traffic volumes are not expected to change significantly, the speed of traffic and the location of the emission sources will change. An air quality assessment report will identify potential impacts and any required mitigation measures. This will include nitrogen dioxide monitoring and a dust risk assessment during the construction phase.


Ecological surveys in relation to habitats and protected or notable species have been conducted within the area of the proposed scheme. Based on the findings, mitigation measures during construction have been proposed and are likely to include incorporation of compensatory reptile habitat; reptile translocation; a precautionary working method for felling trees and a precautionary working method in relation to nesting birds during vegetation clearance.


There is potential for obscured views of the scheme from the Grade II listed Ash Manor and Old Manor Cottage through the winter months when the trees are not in leaf. A combination of new planting, separation distance and the limited extent and height of the proposed scheme would reduce any setting impacts on Ash Manor and Old Manor Cottage. Historic mapping indicates that there has been little development of the site since 1873. Although no archaeology has been found adjacent to the site, an assessment of the heritage assets is underway, and if necessary, mitigation measures will be specified.


A landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) is being undertaken to take account of new infrastructure (including lighting), identify existing landscape and visual receptors, and specify planting and landscaping requirements. It is expected that these requirements will be effectively managed given the new planting, the localised extent of the proposed development and the area's ability to accommodate change.

Noise impact

Changes to traffic patterns as well as the realignment of the road will also result in changes to the noise environment for existing residents in the area. Existing baseline noise levels have been measured, and details of any predicted noise level changes during construction and once the proposed scheme is operational will be included as part of a noise assessment report.

Surface water drainage

A flood risk assessment is being undertaken and a surface water drainage strategy developed in order to identify where features to control the flow of water may be required, such as attenuation ponds and flood compensation storage.  These will be included within the design of the proposed scheme.

Environmental designations

Environmental baseline surveys have been undertaken to develop an understanding of the existing environment. The findings of these surveys have been used to inform the design development, and will help to identify potential environmental impacts during construction and operation of the proposed scheme.