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Reception closed on Thursday 7 July

On Thursday 7 July our reception at Millmead House will be closed for staff training. If you need to contact us please use our online contact form. Our call centre will be operating with reduced staff. This is to ensure our phone lines are available to vulnerable residents. Normal service will resume on Friday 8 July. Thank you for your patience.

Travel Statement/Travel Plan

The table shows which of these documents you're required to submit with your application. The documents we need depend on the size of your project. 

Requirements for different project sizes, sorted by the type of building
UseTransport StatementTransport Assessment
A1 Food250 to 800 sq.mOver 800 sq.m
A1 Non-Food800 to1500 sq.mOver 1500 sq.m
A2 Financial and professional services1000 to 2500 sq.mOver 2500 sq.m
A3 Restaurants and caf├ęs300 to 2500 sq.mOver  2500 sq.m
A4 Drinking establishments300 to 600 sq.mOver 600 sq.m
A5 Hot food takeaway250 to 500 sq.mOver 500 sq.m
B1 Business1500 to 2500 sq.mOver 2500 sq.m
B2 General industrial2500 to 4000 sq.mOver 4000 sq.m
B8 Storage or distribution3000 to 5000 sq.mOver 5000 sq.m
C1 Hotels75 to 100 bedroomsOver 100 bedrooms
C2 Residential institutions - hospitals, nursing homes30 to 50 bedsOver 50 beds
C2 Residential institutions -Residential education50 to 150 studentsOver 150 students
C2 Residential institutions -Institutional hostels250 to 400 residentsOver 400 residents
C3 Dwelling houses50 to  80 unitsOver 80 units
D1 Non-residential Institutions500 to 1000 sq.mOver 1000 sq.m
D2 Assembly and leisure500 to 1500 sq.mOver 1500 sq.m


Contact the Surrey County Council Highway Authority for any other buildings such as:

  • stadia
  • retail
  • warehouse clubs
  • amusement arcades or parks
  • car/vehicle hire businesses or buildings used for selling and displaying motor vehicles
  • nightclubs

You're only required to provide a transport assessment and travel plan for these buildings if:

  • the site will experience over 30 two-way vehicle movements per hour
  • the site will experience over 100 two-way vehicle movements per day
  • the site will contain over 100 parking spaces

Read more information in:

  • our Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2019 (policy ID1, ID3)
  • the National Planning Policy Framework 2019 (para 109 - 111)
  • our Local Plan 2003 (Policies G1, M3)

You may also wish to read:

  • DfT Circular 02/2013 'The Strategic Road Network and the delivery of sustainable development' (Department for Transport, September 2013)
  • NPPG Transport evidence bases in plan making and decision taking
  • Travel plans - a good practice guide for developers (Surrey County Council 2018)
  • Transportation Development Planning Good Practice Guide (Surrey County Council 2006/2017) - later updates identified in its Annex D
  • Making Travel Plans Work: Lessons from UK case studies (Department for Transport 2009)