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Ash Road Bridge - new bridge and new connections

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Proposed Ash Road Bridge layout

Proposed Ash Road Bridge layout


Proposed Ash Road Bridge cross section

Proposed Ash Road Bridge cross section


Ash Road Bridge scheme overview

Ash Road Bridge scheme overview


Construction and operation

Construction phase

We expect to submit a planning application in spring 2019. Subject to securing planning consent, construction will begin in spring 2020 with completion of the road bridge targeted by 2021.

We will do all we can to limit the impact on local residents and road users; however there will be temporary traffic impacts over the construction period, including an increase in traffic movements and temporary road works (including Foreman Road, Guildford Road / Ash Hill Road roundabout and Guildford Road / Foreman Road junction).

A full Construction Environment Management Plan will be prepared to support the delivery of the scheme, which will include a full traffic management plan. A framework will be submitted as part of the planning application. Key measures to mitigate the impact of traffic on local residents will include:

  • working within agreed operational hours
  • designated routes for construction traffic (avoiding inappropriate residential and rural roads)
  • restricting the hours of travel for construction traffic
  • re-use of materials where feasible on site to reduce the number of traffic movements
  • keeping the level crossing open until the new bridge is completed, to avoid the need to divert traffic
  • appropriate onsite parking for contractors
  • ongoing updates for local residents

Operational phase

  • the key traffic features of the scheme are as follows:
  • diversion of the A323 across a new road bridge to remove the delay associated with the Ash Level Crossing and to improve journey time reliability (please note: Surrey County Council as the Highways Authority will maintain and operate the road once completed)
  • overall reduction in traffic cutting through inappropriate residential and rural roads to avoid the level crossing
  • widening of Foreman Road to 7.3 metres, implementation of parking restrictions and a reduction in speed limit to 30mph between Guildford Road and the new roundabout
  • improved pedestrian and cycle facilities along Foreman Road and linkages between the development to the south and Ash Station
  • relocation of existing bus stops on A323 Guildford Road, which will include improved passenger waiting facilities

A Transport Assessment is being prepared to support the planning application for the Ash Road Bridge scheme. A series of traffic surveys have been completed over the past two years to support the scheme (recording movements, journey times and queuing).

The Transport Assessment explores the level of traffic predicted in the future with and without the proposed scheme. Mitigation is to be provided (in agreement with Surrey County Council) where impacts associated with the scheme are determined.

Foreman Road

Foreman Road (looking north)

Public engagement

The principle of the road bridge has been included in two rounds of public consultation on the Local Plan, which took place in 2016 and 2017.

Following review of the comments received during the consultation, Guildford Borough Council has had subsequent positive discussions with the Ash Forum and various local land owners and developers potentially impacted by the road/bridge.

This has informed the subsequent design work and preferred route for the scheme.

We held two public information events in January 2019. The content from those events is on these webpages but can also be downloaded as a PDF document at  Ash Road Bridge Information Banners (PDF) [4MB] (opens new window)

View the responses from Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council to Ash Road Bridge Highways Questions. (PDF) [177KB]

Scheme funding 

The scheme has provisionally secured £10 million of funding from Homes England and £2.5 million from Network Rail. Guildford Borough Council is seeking to secure further contributions from Surrey County Council and Section 106 contributions from housing developers. 

Planning context

Land surrounding the proposed bridge has been allocated for housing, having been identified as a strategic location for development. This infrastructure scheme is an essential component of the emerging Local Plan, helping to mitigate the impact of the allocation for 1,750 homes for the site - some of which is already committed.

The Local Plan objectives are to:

  • create infrastructure
  • make travel easier by reducing congestion now and in the future
  • improve safety on the road and rail network for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • support communities
  • support and unlock land for quicker delivery of housing

Ash Level Crossing currently closes 150 times a day for up to 25 minutes each hour.

Policy A29 of the emerging Guildford Local Plan has been through Examination Hearings and has progressed through consultation on Main Modifications. No changes have been proposed to the following wording within 'Policy A29: Land to the south and east of Ash and Tongham', which requires:
"Land and provision of a new road bridge which will form part of the A323 Guildford Road, with an associated footbridge, to enable the closure of the level crossing on the A323 Guildford Road, adjacent to Ash railway station."

Public engagement

We would like to thank all those who attended our recent public information events on the Ash Road Bridge proposals. A planning application is due to be submitted in spring 2019. You will be able to comment on the application during the statutory consultation period by visiting Search or comment on a planning application. More information will be provided in due course so please keep checking back on this page to keep up-to-date on the progress of the application.