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Calm your mind with our meditation on an outdoors picture

Many of us find a daily walk in the great outdoors a real help for our mental wellbeing. Even if you can't get out research shows that just looking at a picture of a green space can be soothing. Why not take some time to look at this picture from our collection?

The time of wild roses

Find a quiet spot and make yourself comfortable. Before looking at the picture focus on your breathing with deep, slow breaths.

The time of wild roses 1900 Edward Wilkins Waite

Now look at the painting slowly, moving round the edge of the pond taking in the undulating heights of the surrounding trees and farm buildings. Focus on the light cloud cover in the sky trapping the earth's heat below.

Come down to the pond with the detail of the figure in the punt with his sleeves rolled up. Is he fishing perhaps? Imagine the sound of the ripples of the water against the boat. Listen to the noise of the water birds at the far edge of the pond. Could it be the quacking of ducks or the honking of geese?

Immerse yourself in the colours and shapes reflected in the water. Let your eye come to the front, to the individual blades of grass. Finally take in the wild rose which this picture is named after and imagine their scent. 

Find out more about this painting 'The time of wild roses' by Edward Wilkins Waite Use the search function to look for other pictures of 'landscapes' for you to contemplate.