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Council owned trees

Woodland management

The aims of woodland management include:

  • encouraging you to use our woodlands by keeping them accessible for recreation
  • maintaining and improving the landscape of the woodlands
  • increasing the value of woodland for wildlife

Our woodland management works aim to maintain and develop a multi-layered woodland habitat. Such as bluebell woods at the Chantries. Works include coppicing, thinning and removing trees.

We aim to improve habitat for the rare and declining hazel dormouse that lives on some of our sites. We also manage populations of sensitive ancient and veteran (older) trees at some of our sites. This includes:

  • 'haloing' work which involves removing competing trees/vegetation in stages
  • specialised pruning work to improve the structure and make the tree stable
  • improving the quality of the rooting environment and the health of the tree

All these treatments aim to improve the trees so that they live longer.

We hope that you will visit and enjoy the fantastic woodlands that we have in Guildford.