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Yellow weather warning for Guildford

Met Office have issued a thunderstorm weather warning for Saturday 10 June. Read our advice during severe weather.

Apply for a street trading licence

What is full street trading consent?

Street trading is selling any item in the street. This includes any road, path or public area (i.e. car parks, parks, playgrounds). Do not start trading before we've given you consent. Trading without a consent is an offence. 

Guildford welcomes street entertainers. You do not require a licence to busk in Guildford but please respect the street trading guidelines. 

In Guildford borough, the streets are all 'consent' streets. This means that you must apply for a street trading consent to street trade wherever you are in our borough.

Trading consent may be refused if:

  • the site location, or customers visiting the site, are likely to cause road safety issues. This includes blocking a driver's views or problems for people walking in the area
  • there are concerns over the number of accidents near the site
  • there are likely to be problems caused by traffic, noise, rubbish, vermin, odour, or fumes
  • there is already similar close to your site
  • the site causes parking problems for you, your staff, or customers, or has waiting limits
  • the site is not well lit, and trading carries on after dusk

We offer pre-application advice on this licence.

You can view recently received street trading applications.