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Apply for a caravan site licence


If you use land for a caravan site you may need planning permission.

Every site licence has conditions. Some of these conditions may include:

  • how the site should be laid out
  • what type of caravans are allowed
  • what toilet and washing facilities should be provided

Once issued, we can change the licence conditions at any time. We will give licence holders opportunity to make representation about any proposed changes.

A compliance notice may be served upon a site owner if the conditions are not met. If the terms of the notice are not met you may be prosecuted.

In situations where the owner has failed to meet site conditions, we may decide to take action ourselves. We would then charge the owner for the costs of carrying out the work. There is also a right to appeal if the site owner thinks that it was not necessary for the action to be taken. 

Standard site licence conditions for residential parks (PDF) [70KB]

Standard site licence conditions for recreational parks (PDF) [37KB]