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Disruption to water services and amber weather warning

If you live in GU5 or GU6 you may be experiencing low water pressure or shortages. Visit Thames Water for updates.  

Met Office have issued an amber weather warning for thunderstorms. You can visit our pages for advice during a flood. For further advice or information visit the Met Office.

Council tax support changes 2021/22

In December 2020, we made changes to the council tax support scheme. The changes started on 1 April 2021. Those most in need are still able to get up to 100% support for their council tax. The changes will only affect working-age applicants.

The changes to the relief we provide from April 2021 are below:

  • we increased personal allowances and premiums, to ensure that the help we give does not reduce due to inflation
  • we increased non-dependant deductions to reflect an expectation that non-dependants living in the household contribute more to household expenses each year
  • we increased the minimum income floor for self-employed claimants to ensure the rule remains simple to understand.  To maintain fairness and clarity we increased the national minimum wage to the level current at 1 January, before the scheme started. If you are self-employed, we will calculate your earnings using the higher figure of your actual income or the national minimum wage rate for your age.  The rules of our scheme assume you work 35 hours per week
  • we will remove the Band E restriction for 2021 only

Currently the maximum award that a person living in a band E property can receive is capped at the band D charge.  Removing the cap will enable us to provide taxpayers with more help. We will continue to help those affected by the changes through our discretionary hardship fund.

The rules of the council tax support scheme for those of pension age are statutory and applied under legislation.

Find out more about the scheme here:  2021 Local Council Tax Support working age scheme (PDF) [779KB] .