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Slyfield community recycling centre closure

The Slyfield community recycling centre will be closed from 15 June to 30 June 2024 for essential maintenance. Find out more about alternative community recycling centres. (opens new window)

Properties that have been adapted for a disability

You might be able to get a council tax reduction if your home has been adapted for a disabled person.

This is if you live in a larger property than you would need if you or someone else in your household were not disabled.

The adaptations to the property must meet the needs of the disabled person.

You'll have to show that you have either:

  • an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room that you need for the disabled person
  • extra space inside the property for using a wheelchair

The property must be the main home of at least one disabled person. This can be an adult or a child - it does not have to be one of the adults who is responsible for paying council tax.

If your home is eligible, your bill will be reduced to that of a property in the next council tax band down. Even if your property is in band A, you will still get a reduction.

If you think you might qualify for disabled band reduction, you can apply for it using your MyGuildford account.

If you have not yet registered to access your council tax account online, there are more steps. You can then link your online council tax account to your MyGuildford.

Register or sign into your MyGuildford account (opens new window)

To complete this step you will need the following information:

  • your council tax reference number - found on your latest bill
  • your name exactly as it appears on your council tax bill
  • the postcode of your Guildford property, not the postcode you are moving to
  • if you have applied for Local Council Tax Support or have been named on a council tax support application, you will also need to provide your national insurance number. This provides an additional level of security

Once you have linked your account, you can go into the 'account summary' screen. You will see a list of 'quick links' on the right-hand side. You need to select the 'upload information or tell us about something else' link.

What you will need to tell us

  • the name of the disabled person
  • the nature of their disability
  • the type of adaptation made to your home. (for instance an additional bathroom or kitchen or other room in the house that is specifically adapted for the needs of the disabled person)
  • the date on which the property was adapted

What happens next

We will make a decision on whether we can award a reduction. We will send you a new bill if we award a reduction.