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Adapting your home

Apply for adapted housing

If you have health issues which are affecting your housing situation, e.g. a wheelchair user living in a first floor flat you can register to be rehoused using our housing portal.

Register to be rehoused using our housing portal

You can also request an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment of your housing needs.

Apply for occupational therapy assessment

Our OT will usually be able to visit within six to eight weeks.

We are unlikely to carry out adaptations to your existing property if you're waiting to move.

What happens next?

The OT will visit you to:

  • assess your difficulties - talk to you about your situation, observe your home and how you manage certain tasks
  • look at activities you are struggling with and make recommendations
  • discuss recommendations with the housing team

If adaptations are needed, recommendations will be sent to the adaptations team. They will then arrange the works.