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Find out about building your own home

What is the self-build and custom housebuilding register?

The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register helps us track demand for self-build and custom-build homes in Guildford. We use the register to: 

  • record how many people want to build their own homes 
  • help plan for enough sites to meet demand 
  • grant development permission for suitable plots of land
  • keep in touch with people who are interested in self-build and custom housebuilding

You can join the register as: 

  • an individual 
  • an association (group) 

The register has two parts: 

  • join Part 1 if you have connections to the local area 
  • join Part 2 if you do not 

Joining the register does not guarantee you will be offered a plot of land or that planning permission will be granted.

Most plots are located on new large housing sites. They have:

  • access to a public road 
  • connections to:
    • electricity
    • water
    • wastewater

All plots are sold at market value. 

You need to renew your membership annually, by 31 October.

For more information, email or call 01483 444471.

You can find out about our planning policy (Policy H1:Homes for all) in our Local Plan: Strategy and Sites. Planning permissions that have recently been approved are listed in our Authority Monitoring Report.

Why you should join the register

You can join Part 1 of the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register to receive email updates. We will let you know when plots become available to buy, and a right of first refusal on most plots.

We plan to ensure we meet the numbers on the register. When residents join it helps us know the level of interest in self-build and custom housebuilding so we can plan for this.