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Planning and development - contaminated land

Contaminated land and planning

Most contamination in our borough is dealt with through the planning process. The role of the planning department is to ensure a site is suitable for its new use. The National Planning Policy Framework sets the framework for contaminated land investigation and remediation of proposed redevelopment sites. This is to ensure: the risk to the future users is removed, and the land should not be able to be determined as contaminated under the Part IIA of the EPA1990 (NPPF paragraphs 120 and 121).

Development on contaminated land

We encourage sustainable use of land to reduce the pressure to build on "greenfield land", this is land that is undeveloped in a rural area. Redeveloping "brownfield" sites, these are sites where they have been previously developed and are not in use so may be contaminated, provides an opportunity to clean up land contamination and make sites ready for use.

Our  Guidance for developers on contaminated land (PDF) [258KB]  document explains the requirements for investigation and remediation of land proposed for redevelopment.