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Household Support Fund applications are open

A grant of up to £300 per household is now available to residents with low income. It offers help with food, fuel bills and other related essentials.

Find out if you're eligible for the Household Support Fund and apply today.

Parking reviews - have your say

Parking reviews

If parking controls need to be improved or introduced in the area you live in or use, let us know your suggestions. We will consider them in our next parking review.

Parking reviews take place every 18 to 24 months.

How we use your feedback

When we review your suggestions, we take into account:

  • if on-street parking is detrimental to the safety of vehicles and pedestrians
  • if on-street parking obstructs the movement of large vehicles
  • if there is enough parking space in a street to cope with demand

We make a report with proposals for change and submit it to the Guildford Joint Committee (GJC).

The GJC considers our report and lets us know what proposals to proceed with unchanged and what to amend.

Before we can make any changes we must follow a consultation process.

In the next section you can find out what happens during the consultation process.