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Parking reviews - have your say

The consultation process

Informal consultation

For some proposals, we carry out an informal consultation. This happens when we are looking at parking controls over a large area, for example:

  • the introduction of a controlled parking zone or
  • a residents' parking scheme

We tell residents and businesses in area about proposals that could affect them. We send detailed maps and let them know how they can give their feedback. This helps us to assess support from the wider community before we proceed further.

Formal consultation

We begin a formal consultation by making the proposals available to view by the wider public . We do this by displaying:

  • a notice in a local newspaper describing new parking control proposals
  • copies of the proposals available for inspection at council buildings
  • notices on lamp posts in affected roads
  • the information on our website

We also write to residents and businesses fronting the proposed new controls.

There is a period of approximately 21 days between the start and end of consultation.

During this period, we invite the public to give their feedback on the proposals.

Once consultation closes, we weigh up all feedback before deciding how to proceed.

Before we make any changes, we publish the parking orders, amendments and plans. You can view these on our Guildford off-street parking review page.

In the next section, you can find out how to request a change to parking controls.