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Disruption to water services

If you live in GU5 or GU6 you may be experiencing low water pressure or shortages. Visit Thames Water for updates and advice.

Submit a Freedom of Information request

Refusing a request

There are some circumstances where we will not be able to provide the information you have requested. This includes: 

  • if we do not hold the information 
  • if the information has been destroyed due to data retention policies 
  • if the information requested falls under an exemption of the Freedom of Information Act 

Vexatious Requests 

We won't respond to requests that are deemed to be vexatious. These include: 

  • relatively trivial requests 
  • the applicant is unwilling to clarify their request 
  • a request containing threatening of abusive language
  • a request that puts a strain on time and resources 
  • a request that betrays a personal grudge against an employee or Councillor 
  • unreasonable persistence with an issue that has been dealt with 
  • frequent correspondence about the same issue
  • the requester that is 'fishing' for information without any idea of what might be revealed 
  • the requester is abusing access rights to vent anger at a decision 
  • the issue has already been resolved or independently investigated.