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Taxi fares in Guildford

Private hire charges are agreed in advance between you, the hirer, and the operator, and are not set by the council.

Taxis (hackney carriages) must charge fares set by us for journeys within the borough. This must be displayed in the cab. If going out of the borough, you and the driver can agree a set price before starting the journey.

Guildford Borough hackney carriage fare chart effective 13 July 2019: fares for distance and time

Tariff name and number

When does
the tariff apply?

Rate for
the first mile

Rate for each
mile thereafter

Maximum charge
up to 99 yards or
17 seconds

charge for each additional 99
yards or 17 seconds

Tariff 1: daytime rates
(except where rates 2 or
3 apply)

Hirings between
7am and 11pm

£6.36 (Mon - Sat)

£7.36 Sun



£3.00 (Mon - Sat)

£4.00 (Sun)


Tariff 2: night and
holiday rate

Hirings between
11pm and 7am and
national public holidays
(except where Double
Day Rate applies)



£3.50 (Mon-Sun)


Tariff 3: double
daytime rate

Hirings between:

11pm on Christmas Eve
and 5am on 27 December
and 11pm on 31 December
and 7am on 1 January






Extra charges:

  • for each passenger in excess of One: 50p
  • leaving a taxi unfit for immediate hiring after use or damage to the taxi: £100

All luggage carried inside or outside the passenger compartment is free of charge.  Any assistance dog is carried free of charge.          

Payment by credit/debit card is free of charge.

If the journey takes the taxi outside the guildford borough area, the driver must still charge in accordance with the above scale unless he/she has agreed otherwise with the hirer before the journey has started.  These are the maximum fares.