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Technical issues when searching for a planning application

We're experiencing some technical issues with our planning application search. Some customers may not be able to search for planning applications during this time. We're working hard to fix this as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.

Swapping your home - mutual exchanges

What you need to know

Mutual exchanges allow two or more council or housing association tenants to swap properties.

Who can do a mutual exchange

  • a tenant with a secure or flexible tenancy
  • joint tenancy tenants but all must be in agreement

Who can't do a mutual exchange

  • an introductory tenant
  • a tenant with arrears on their rent account
  • a tenant under a court order

You must have permission from both landlords before swapping homes.

Apply to swap your home

All mutual exchanges need to be applied for online.

You will need an account with Homeswapper to apply for a mutual exchange. You can register with Homeswapper to find other tenants who are looking to do a mutual exchange.

You can search the website for homes you like and want to swap whenever you want. Homeswapper will update you of new matches either by email or text message.

Register for Homeswapper (opens new window)

Log into your Homeswapper account (opens new window)

Read the full user guide (opens new window) for more information.