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Green and blue infrastructure

Green infrastructure is any green space which benefits a local community's environmental quality of life. It can exist in urban and rural areas and includes: 

  • parks 
  • playing fields 
  • woodlands 
  • street trees 
  • allotments 
  • private gardens 

Blue infrastructure is a small group within green infrastructure. The term refers to any type of water, including: 

  • rivers 
  • canals 
  • floodplains 
  • water treatment facilities 

Green and blue infrastructure protects and enhances Guildford's biodiversity.  

How do we maintain green and blue infrastructure? 

Assessment of Sites of Amenity Value 

This deals with land within villages that were removed from the green belt when we adopted the Local Plan: strategy and sites 2015 - 2034. It considers whether open land within these villages has public value for either:

  • recreation
  • the quality of views it provides

Assessment of Sites of Amenity Value (PDF) [16MB] (opens new window)

Open Space Sports and Recreation Assessment (2017)

We produced this to assess the need for sport and recreation land. Read it on our website