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Parking permit renewals

We are processing Guildford resident parking permits. Due to planned strike action by Royal Mail there could be a delay in receiving your new permit. Leave your old permit on display until you receive your new one.

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Thinking of donating something to us?

Find out more about what we collect.

What do we collect?

We collect physical and digital objects that fit into our collection categories. We are especially interested in contemporary objects that reflect Guildford today. Our collections help to tell the story of Guildford and the people that have lived in it.

Make a donation

Donation of spectacles

To make a donation send an email with an overview of what the donation is, what it was used for and who it belonged to.

Try to give us as much information as possible. Stories behind the donation help us to make decisions about accepting. We will also need some good photographs so that we can see what it is and check its condition.

Please note, we regret that we cannot accept objects brought to the Museum and left with us.


How do we decide if we will take your object?

When making our decision we think about:

  • the condition of the donation
  • display potential
  • any further conservation needs
  • storage needs
  • the Collections Development Policy - this outlines what the museum will and won't collect


Our collecting categories

Innovation in Guildford

  • space satellites
  • Guildford's gaming industry

donations brewery
Living in Guildford 

  • transport and commuting
  • shops and shopping
  • performing arts academies
  • sport

Hidden histories of Guildford

  • objects/images that represent the experience of Guildford's LGBTQ+ and BAME communities
  • disability
  • hidden histories such as working class and women's history

National politics or events with local impact 

  • objects and images that represent Covid-19
  • Brexit
  • black Lives Matter movements
  • climate change movements

Mrs Carruthers

  • paintings, prints, cartoons and sculpture
  • in particular, agricultural scenes featuring Surrey's idyllic landscapes and Surrey smocks;
  • landscapes and townscapes of Guildford and surrounding area
  • portraits of known Guildford people
  • contemporary artists living or working in Guildford

Dress and textiles 

  • objects that tell a unique story about people living and working in Guildford

Guildford's wool industry

  • examples of needlework


  • reflecting life in Guildford from the 1940s to the present day


  • we are no longer collecting large archaeological archives. We collect significant small archaeological finds excavated or discovered in Guildford.