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Parking permit renewals

We are processing Guildford resident parking permits. Due to planned strike action by Royal Mail there could be a delay in receiving your new permit. Leave your old permit on display until you receive your new one.

Tell us about an issue with your council tax bill

What happens next?

We will look at the decision again to see if we can change it. We will write to tell you the outcome.​

If you disagree with our decision​

You can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service if:

  • you still disagree with our decision after a review, or
  • you do not hear from us within two months

You will need to fill in a Valuation Tribunal Service appeal form.

You must keep on paying your council tax as shown on your bill while your appeal is being considered.​

If you win your appeal and you have overpaid any council tax, we will refund you.​

Appeals to the Valuation Office Agency or Valuation Tribunal Service are free. They cannot award costs against you if you lose.​

You do have to meet your own costs in attending the hearing. You will also have to pay if you ask an agent to represent you.