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Slyfield community recycling centre closure

The Slyfield community recycling centre will be closed from 15 June to 30 June 2024 for essential maintenance. Find out more about alternative community recycling centres. (opens new window)

Students and spouses

Who counts as a student?

You're a full-time student for council tax purposes if you're studying at university or most colleges and:

You are under the age of 20 and your course:

  • leads to a qualification up to (but not above) A-level standard or equivalent
  • lasts for more than three months
  • involves more than 12 hours of study per week

You are undertaking a university or college course that:

  • lasts for at least one academic or calendar year
  • requires you to be actively studying for at least 24 weeks out of a year
  • involves study of at least 21 hours per week during term time

Not all courses count towards 'full-time student' status. For example, distance learning or evening classes. You are not a full-time student if you're doing a course related to your job, such as a day release.