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Find out when we clean main roads


We clear litter on the A3 between the Ripley turn-off (at the junction with the B2039) and Milford. The Department for transport (opens new window) clear litter north of the Ripley junction to the borough boundary.

Cleaning takes place on a scheduled basis. We cover the whole length of the A3 twice a year. The central reservation is cleaned as part of these planned closures. This operation takes place at night to minimise disruption to motorists.

The A3 is only cleaned with traffic management in place. Regular litter picking and bin emptying is scheduled for lay-bys.

Planned litter clearing dates

Future litter clearing dates will be added here when confirmed. 

Completed litter clearing

Monday 22 April to Thursday 25 April 2024 (four nights)

We collected:

  • 3,267kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 11,280kg of debris

Monday 16 October to Wednesday 18 October 2023 (three nights)

We collected:

  • 760kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 7,580kg of debris

Monday 4 September to Thursday 7 September 2023 (four nights)

We collected:

  • 920kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 5,160kg of debris

Monday 10 July to Thursday 13 July 2023 (four nights)

We collected:

  • 880kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 11,600kg of debris

Monday 22 May to Thursday 25 May 2023 (four nights)

We collected:

  • 1,060kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 5,900kg of debris

Monday 17 April to Thursday 20 April 2023 (four nights)

We collected:

  • 1,280kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 5,260kg of debris

Monday 27 February to Thursday 2 March 2023 (four nights)

We collected:

  • 1,460kg of litter
  • our sweeper collected 11,060kg of debris