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Parking permit renewals

We are processing Guildford resident parking permits. Due to planned strike action by Royal Mail there could be a delay in receiving your new permit. Leave your old permit on display until you receive your new one.

Council Tax £150 energy bill rebate

Frequently asked questions

How and when do I receive payment?

Payment is by bank transfer (BACS). We will aim to pay within 10 days of receiving your application. However, it may take up to 4 weeks to process your request.

If you do not apply, we will take your energy rebate payment off your council tax bill instead and a new bill will be sent to you.

What if you are overdrawn?

You may be able to tell your bank or building society how you want the money paid into your account. For example: you can ask your bank to only use your energy rebate payment to pay your electric bill. National debt line have a sample letter you can send to your bank or building society.

I pay my council tax by direct debit but have not had a payment

We have paid almost all the energy rebate payments to customers who pay their council tax by direct debit.

If you have not received your payment yet, it may be because:

  • the bank account name on your direct debit does not match the council tax account name
  • we have not received a recent payment from you, so we have been unable to verify your bank account

We will be in touch to sort this out.

If you pay by direct debit and receive a letter from us asking you to apply for the energy rebate payment you can apply for a Council Tax rebate.

If you have received a payment, but don't think you should have email us at:

What if I do not pay council tax because I receive full local council tax support?

You will receive the £150 energy bill rebate if you qualify under the rules.

What if the form will not allow me to apply?

This may be because someone in the household has already applied, or you do not qualify.

If you believe you should qualify, email us your reasons and we will review your application. You need to include your council tax account number, your name and address in your email:

What if I live in a band E to H house?

The government has provided us with limited funds to make some discretionary payments. We do not yet know the details of who will qualify for a discretionary payment. We expect the discretionary payments scheme for households in bands E to H will go live online in mid July.

Beware of scams

We will not phone you to ask you to give your bank details or card details over the phone.

Further information and guidance

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