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Important Government Guidance for Private Sector Landlords and Social Housing Providers

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New Government Guidance about damp and mould in rented properties is now available. Make sure you know about the new rules from the government. They explain:

  • your responsibilities as a landlord
  • the laws coming up about damp, mould, and the standard condition of your properties.

This guidance is here to help property owners and providers follow the law and make tenants' living conditions better. The published guidance, available on GOV.UK, serves several key purposes:

  • this advice tells landlords what the government plans to do with new laws. This includes how to report things, and what the housing standards should be. It helps property owners understand the changing rules and what's expected
  • is helps landlords and housing providers understand the things they have to do to follow the law. It also suggests they look at all their rental properties to make sure they meet the right standards
  • it talks about how damp and mould can make people unwell. It's important to build positive relationships with tenants to keep them healthy
  • it gives you important information on how to deal with reports from tenants about damp and mould. It helps landlords fix the issues in good time and in the best way.
  • it helps you understand why damp and mould happen and what you can do to prevent it.

Both private tenants and landlords need to work together to solve damp and mould problems. To make it easier, tenants and landlords can tell us about these issues on our website.

For more information and access to the full guidance document, visit the Government website. (opens new window)  

Published on 24 October 2023.