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Household Support Fund applications are open

A grant of up to £300 per household is now available to residents with low income. It offers help with food, fuel bills and other related essentials.

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Get guidance for your demolition work

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Building owners are responsible for making sure:

  • demolition work is safe
  • all relevant notifications are given

The owner must give our Building Control service at least six weeks' notice of any intended demolition work unless:

  • it's the result of a demolition order we've issued
  • you're only demolishing an internal part of a building which will continue to be occupied afterwards
  • the building is less than 50m3 (measured externally)
  • you're demolishing a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage (even if it's part of a larger building)
  • you're demolishing an agricultural building which is not adjacent to another building

Notices of intended demolition

Unless your proposed demolition meets the above criteria, you need to serve us with a demolition notice. First, you need to provide:

  • a 1:1250 location plan which clearly shows:
    • the buildings to be demolished
    • all adjacent properties
    • existing drainage systems to be sealed
  • confirmation you've sent a copy of the notice of intended demolition and the location plan to all relevant service providers (e.g. gas, water and electric) so they can arrange with you for their services to be safely disconnected

You also need to notify any occupants of adjacent buildings.

If the building contains asbestos, you need to inform the Health and Safety Executive.

Once you've notified the relevant parties, you can complete our section 80 demolition notice.

Complete a demolition notice online

You can also contact or call 01483 444545 to request a copy.

What happens next?

Within six weeks of receiving your completed demolition notice, we'll issue a section 81 counter notice. This specifies what you must do to maintain public safety during and after the demolition. You may have to prove these conditions have been followed.

It's an offence to begin the demolition unless you've submitted a demolition notice and either:

  • you've received a counter notice response
  • you haven't heard from us in six weeks since you sent the notice

Send any questions to or call 01483 444545.

Conservation area consent

Some demolition also requires prior approval and conservation area consent. If the building is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, you'll also need Listed Building Consent before starting work.

Our conservation team can give advice you if this applies to your building. Contact or call 01483 444667