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Budget information

What you need to know

Monitoring our finances is a continuous process. Each month we look at:

  • what we have spent to date
  • what is due to be spent for the rest of the financial year

We then report this to ensure full transparency of our current financial position.

The monitoring includes:

  • Revenue: our day to day costs of providing services
  • Capital: expenditure on our assets
  • HRA: Housing Revenue Account
  • Reserves: funds we're holding for a specific purpose
  • Debts: what is owed to us

Financial monitoring 2023/2024

Month 7 (to October 2023)

Month 8 (to November 2023)

Month 9 (to December 2023)

Month 10 (to January 2024)

Month 11 (to February 2024)

We're aware of some accessibility issues within these reports. We're working to fix this as soon as possible. If you need help with viewing these documents you can contact us directly.