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Apply for a garage - private rental

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Garages are for the storage of a vehicle only and not for the purposes of general storage.  

Private rental garages are located at:

  • Stoke Fields
  • Bedford Sheds
  • Gardner Road

There is a long waiting list for the above areas. We are reviewing this.

There are other garage rental opportunities with our Housing Services. If you want to rent a garage at a site not mentioned above, or for general storage email


  • refundable key deposit of £25 once your key is returned

Cancelling your garage agreement

  • one month's written notice
  • garage key returned to Reception at Millmead House by hand

Rental terms and conditions

All our council garages are let for the storage of a vehicle. They should not be used for general storage.

Use our online form to report a fault with your garage.

Report a fault with your garage

For any further information, contact Customer Services by calling 01483 505050 or using our online support form.