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Reception closed on Thursday 7 July

On Thursday 7 July our reception at Millmead House will be closed for staff training. If you need to contact us please use our online contact form. Our call centre will be operating with reduced staff. This is to ensure our phone lines are available to vulnerable residents. Normal service will resume on Friday 8 July. Thank you for your patience.

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Guildford's Quilt - Stitch yourself into history!

Be a part of our community project.

The Ripley Lending Quilt at Guildford Museum

Being kind to each-other is so important, especially now. 

Ripley lending quilt from Guildford Borough collection

This patchwork cover was made in the late 1800s by The Girls' Friendly Society, and lent to comfort sick villagers in Ripley, Surrey. 

Piecing together fabric from old clothes and furnishings to make a new textile is a centuries old craft, creating something new out of old cloth. The simple stitching process is also very soothing.

The Ripley Lending Quilt survives as a record of our kindness to each-other in difficult times.

It is displayed at Guildford Museum where it inspires our patchwork project and display.

Guildford's Quilt 

As we move into Spring and an easing of Covid-19 restrictions, we are asking you to take a moment to reflect, to remember past acts of kindness that helped you through difficult times, or to capture your hopes for a kinder world ahead. 

We are inviting Guildford residents, whatever your age or sewing ability to capture your memories and hopes, in pictures and words on a square or design for a new community quilt - Guildford's Quilt.

To be a part of this project please send or deliver the square, information about it and your contact details to us at Guildford Museum.

All squares must be received by 1 September 2021. 

Please share pictures of your work with us on Facebook and Instagram @guildfordsheritageservices.

Tag us in your posts and we will share your designs.  Email the image of your creation to so we can share on our social media channels.

Your squares will be displayed at Guildford Museum, and then with the expert help of Stitch Together, (formerly the South East Region of the  Embroiderers' Guild), they will be stitched together to create Guildford's Quilt. This will become part of Guildford Heritage Service's needlework collection, as a permanent record of this moment in time.

Join our free drop-in design and stitch session on Saturday 14 Aug. 11am and 2pm. 

Kevin courtesy of Jo Wiltcher
Face courtesy of Jo Wiltcher

How to make your Square 

Make a template to the dimensions described to make your fabric square, or to provide a drawn design. 

Here are some ideas you might like to try when decorating your square. 

Traditional Quilt Patterns  - Use fabric that is meaningful to you to produce a patch like those found on traditional patchwork quilts.   You might like to use fabric from a favourite old dress, shirt or furnishing that brings back memories. Will you share those memories or stories with us too?  

Applique  - Create a pictorial design by cutting shapes from fabric and stitching or sticking them  to your patch.  

Cross-stitch  - For people wanting to include text or names into their square, cross  stitch might be the  technique for you.  It is also great for simple motifs such as a house. 

Embroidery   - For more experienced sewers, using a range of stitches  allows you to stitch more intricate  designs such as flowers. 

Don't know how to sew, or don't have access to sewing materials?  Use things that you find around you, create a square using glue and paper and whatever else you can find!   

Design only  - For people that like to draw, use our template to draw or colour a design on paper  - we'll do the rest. 

The little house in cross stitch
The patchwork


Template and Form for Guildford Quilt (PDF) [197KB]

Template and Form for Guildford Quilt Word Doc (Word doc) [949KB]