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Who can apply to be on the housing register?

You can apply for council housing through us. You'll usually have to join a waiting list and you're not guaranteed to get a property.

You can apply to join the housing register if you:

  • have a right to live in the UK
  • are aged 16 years or over
  • have a housing need listed in our allocations policy
  • live or have family/employment connections in the borough  (subject to verification)

We will send you a letter or an email if you have been accepted on the housing register.

This will tell you:

  • the band you have been placed within
  • the date your application has been registered from
  • the size of property you are eligible for

Please read the Allocation Scheme (PDF) [697KB] before you submit your request.

Housing register waiting times

The demand for housing in Guildford is very high. You may wait some years before you are offered any housing.

See the latest waiting times on our Housing facts and figures page.

The length of time waiting can depend on:

  • which properties become available
  • an applicant's priority on the register
  • the number of bedrooms you and your household need
  • how selective an applicant is over the type of property they wish to live in
  • how selective an applicant is over where in the borough they wish to live

You should be flexible with the areas you choose and to consider all types of property; for example flats as well as houses.

If you are a single person perhaps consider a studio apartment as well as one-bedroom flats. While this does not mean you will be housed quickly, it does mean that you give yourself a better chance of being considered.

Requesting a review of a decision

Please read the Allocation Scheme (PDF) [697KB] before you submit your request for us to review your housing application decision.

You may add extra information with your form that you think should considered when the review is carried out.

We will normally tell you the outcome of the review within eight weeks. 

Re-register, renew or apply to join the housing register

New housing register applicants 

You will need to fill out the online form and upload the documents we need in your customer account under 'required documents'.

If you are unable to upload the documents online you can send them to

  • proof of identity for all household members. This should be one of the following: a copy of a passport, birth certificate, or photocard driving licence
  • proof of current address, for example, a recent utility bill
  • evidence of your right to live in the UK if you are not a British citizen, for example, a passport and other relevant Home Office documentation

You may also need to provide some or all of the following, depending on your circumstances and housing history:

  • proof that you no longer own, or have a financial interest in, a property in the UK or abroad, for example, a completion statement
  • proof of how you disposed of any equity you may have received from the sale of a property
  • proof that you do not owe money to a current or previous landlord
  • proof if you have debt you are repaying it
  • proof of your employment connection to the borough
  • proof of your family connection to the borough
  • proof that you are no longer the tenant of another social landlord

Whilst re-registering is taking place, new applications will not be prioritised. You can still apply to be on the housing register. Please visit: 

Apply to be on the housing register

Our video will take you through the steps on how to apply to join the housing register.

Existing housing register applicants

You must re-register for housing before you will be able to bid for housing. You must make sure:

  • your application has been complete
  • you have uploaded all your documents and;
  • your application has been processed

We will prioritise and process housing applications for housing applicants who are re-registering.

Application date decisions are at the councils discretion if you did not meet the 10 November 2021 deadline to re-register.

If your household circumstances have changed, we may review your banding.

If you are a Guildford borough council tenant and re-registering, you do not need proof of your clear rent account. Even if it is on your list of 'required documents'. We will check your rent account details for you once you re-register. 

Re-register for the housing register

Housing register renewals

Annual renewals continue to be suspended. 

How to bid for social housing

From the 25 November 2021 you can bid on a property using our new system. We advertise our properties on our housing jigsaw register.

If you have not re-registered or completed your application, then you will need to before you can bid for housing.

Once you have completed your new application and uploaded your documents, we will process your application. 

Your application will be ready for us to process if you have:

  • completed your new online housing application
  • uploaded your documents

Once we process your application you will receive:

  • a notification in your housing register account and;
  • a letter of confirmation

You will be able to log into your account and express an interest/bid on available properties. You can find properties that meet your bedroom needs.

We advertise properties between Thursday and Sunday weekly. The adverts run from 12am on Thursday, and close every Sunday at 11.59pm.

Search for a home in Guildford

Watch our video below for tips on getting a property.

View online our Tenancy Strategy 2020 (PDF) [706KB] .

More information about the new housing register

Why are we changing the system?

The new online system will make it easier for you to apply and to tell us about any changes. We will also launch a new website to search and bid for properties that is easier to use on a mobile phone.

How do I re-register?

Step 1: go to

Step 2: click 'Join the register' - this can be found in the box on the right hand side.

Step 3: fill out your details - you need to have an email address.

Step 4: you will receive an email asking to verify your account. Once verified, go back to the log in screen and click on 'Join the register'. You can then start your housing application.

Important - Account registration issue

Some applicants are experiencing account registration issues. They are receiving the error message 'You are unable to register with this organisation at this time. Please contact the organisation you are registering with for further information.'

Please email us the following information to and we will be able to send you an account invitation link.

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • full postal address including the date you moved in
  • email address that you use for your housing application

Can anyone help me to re-register?

If you need help you can:

Will my band change?

Your band will only change if your circumstances have changed since you last renewed your application. We have not changed the allocations policy that we use to put people into bands.

Will my application date change?

No, your original application date will stay the same as long as you have re-registered by Wednesday 10 November.

What happens if I did not re-register by Wednesday 10th November?

You will not be able to bid for advertised properties until you re-register. If you re-register after Wednesday 10 November you may lose your original application date.

Do I need to re-register if I am looking for a transfer?

Yes, if you are already a housing tenant and on the transfer register, you will need to re-register.

What if I am at risk of homelessness?

If you are at risk of losing your home within the next eight weeks, call 01483 505050.

Do I need to complete an annual renewal?

No, annual renewals have stopped until our new system is up and running.

What if I cannot re-register online?

Do I need to have an email address?

Yes, you need an email address. 

Do I need to provide documents again as part of re-registration?

Yes, you will need proof of identity for anyone on the application.

Our new system will tell you which documents we need when you have completed the application. 

If you cannot provide documents we request from you, your application will be cancelled.

Can I provide documents online?

Yes. You can add them when you apply online. 

You will need to individually upload each document requested. 

We cannot accept original documents by post.

How will I know that you have got my application and that you are processing it?

Your application is submitted when you have:

  • completed the application
  • signed the declaration and consent form

You then need to go into your account area to see which documents we need. We cannot process your application until all requested documents have been uploaded.

How will I know that the re-registration of my application has been completed?

You will receive a notification in your account area. There will be a letter for you to view, which confirms your application has been processed.

What if my circumstances change?

You need to update your application online as this could affect your banding. Tell us about:

  • change of address, email or phone number
  • changes to your household
  • pregnancy updates
  • new employment and income details
  • changes to medical information

Will I have to renew my application every year?

Yes, you will get email reminders every year. 

What happens if I forget to renew my application?

We will cancel your application if you do not renew it. It is important you keep your email contact details up-to-date to get reminders.

Is the bidding process going to change?

We now advertise properties on our housing jigsaw register.

Once you have completed your new application you will be able to bid for housing.

We advertise properties between Thursday and Sunday weekly. The adverts run from 12am on Thursday, and close every Sunday at 11.59pm.

Search for a home in Guildford

Will I have to wait longer for housing?

Our waiting list is 5 - 7 years if you're applying for the first time. Renting while you wait will not affect your application but buying your own home will.

If you need any further help email or call 01483 505050.